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Go to the OEA Committees blog for committee more information and recent updates.


Whether your passion is public speaking or behind-the-scenes organizing, OEA needs your help! 
Most committees and caucuses are open to all OEA members. Some are by appointment only.
To find out more, please contact OEA or the Chair of the committee directly. View the meeting times and dates on the OEA calendar. 
Unless otherwise noted, ALL COMMITTEE MEETINGS ARE HELD AT THE OEA center.
Go to the OEA Committees blog for committee more information and recent updates.


Our most current Bylaws were for 2001-2002 and CTA requires each chapter to up-date their bylaws and standing rules every five years. Members interested in joining in this important and necessary work of reviewing our current bylaws and standing rules and bring them up-to-date please contact me by phone or email.
Jim Mordecai

Cluster Action Team (CAT)

We are committed to making sure there's a site Rep at every school and to provide you with resources for communication and organizing.
We need more members on the CAT Team to keep the communication going in OEA! Contact us to get involved.

Toni Morozumi
Blog: http://oeacat.blogspot.com


We organize and coordinate all communication for OEA. 

Contract Waiver

This committee reviews and processes requests for contract waivers.
Relena Ellis

Membership, Benefits and Social

We are updating rosters of members, making sure fee pay members are properly accounted for, and explaining the wonderful benefits that members receive, including legal representation and insurance benefits. Please consider helping our committee! We welcome your participation in becoming more involved to help make the union stronger. As we continue negotiations, it is extremely important that we be able to efficiently contact our own members and know where they are. It is also important that teachers that want full membership benefits have them and have the information to access those tremendous benefits.
We also serve as the OEA Social Committee, organizing regular gatherings of OEA members as well as the annual Toy Drive and Rep/Retiree event. This is a busy, active committee, and we welcome your participation!

Steve Miyamoto

Political Action Committee (PAC)

OEA has its own PAC (Political Action Committee), which researches local education-friendly politicians and provides the information to members. The Political Action Committee (PAC) is a very specific legal mechanism for collecting and dispersing funds in a campaign.

Jim Mordecai

Political Involvement Committee (PIC)

The Political Involvement Committee (PIC) is composed of OEA activists who do the actual work of the campaign.

Katherine Clarke Hines
Shirley Guevara

Substitute Caucus You may get on the OEA Substitute Teachers email blast list by submitting your email address to: Substitutes@OaklandEA.Org.

Andy Young