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OEA Executive Board

The Executive Board is elected by OEA Members. The Oakland Education Association (OEA) serves as the public face of your profession in the community and is your main resource for training, legal guidance, and getting oriented with all of your member resources. The OEA represents its members’ rights and negotiates your contract with the employer.

Trish Gorham                    President

Chaz Garcia                      First Vice- President       (Esperanza Academy)

Natalia Stark                    Second Vice- President  (Oakland International High School)

Mark Airgood                    Secretary                          (Coliseum College Prep)
Keith Brown                      Treasurer                           (Bret Harte)

Steven Miyamoto              Board Member Seat #1     (Carl B Munck)

Rodney Brown                  Board Member Seat #2     (Skyline)

Deidre Snyder                   Board Member Seat #3    (Oakland Tech)

Mary Hill                            Board Member Seat #4    (Howard)

Ismael Amendariz             Board Member Seat #5    (Edna Brewer)

Natalia Cooper                  Board Member Seat #6    (Oakland International High)

Relena Ellis                       Board Member Seat #7    (Highland CDC)

Jasmene Miranda              Board Member Seat #8   (Edna Brewer)

Janet Lau                          Board Member Seat #9    (Cleveland)

Janan Apaydin                  Board Member Seat #10  (Kaiser)

Madeline Naomi Smith -- Board Member Seat #11 (School Nurse)

Andy Young                      Board Member Seat #12  (Substitute Teacher)

Doug Appel                     CTA Executive Director

Becky Flanigan                 CTA Executive Director 

Linda Smith                       OEA Executive Office Manager