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Are You Going to Sacramento March 14?

posted Feb 22, 2011, 7:56 PM by Rori Abernethy   [ updated Jun 7, 2011, 11:09 PM ]
March 14th

Are You Going to Sacramento  March 14?
In a meeting Friday with Superintendent Tony Smith, employee union leaders, some principals, OUSD staff, and others, it was decided to change the date of the OUSD mobilization to Sacramento from March 2 to March 14. Some of the reasons:

1) No other districts appear to be going up on the 2nd -- they're doing local actions that day

2) On March 14 community colleges are rallying in Sacramento so we'll be there with other educators

3) March 2 is the 4th and 7th grade writing test -- principals were hearing concerns raised.

4) It gives us more time to find out exactly who wants to go, get coverage, arrange transportation.

5) ALL of us can take part in local March 2 actions (morning picketing, disaster drills, lessons on the budget crisis, afternoon budget forum, other demonstrations)

You can take a personal day March 14 -- some schools are calling it a field trip and taking their entire staffs, parents and students to Sacramento. We need an accurate count of who's planning to go -- if other members at your site don't get the OEA survey, have them send their non-OUSD email tooaklandea@oaklandea.com to be entered in the database.

The lesson of the day is... stay flexible! Things are changing moment to moment -- just look at Wisconsin. The important thing is to make sure our voices are heard loud and clear.


In unity,

Betty Olson-Jones
Oakland Education Association

Toni Morozumi's Poem

The Cat in the Hat and Old Geisel himself
would be pleased as Horton to see books off the shelf
to celebrate Birthdays and Reading and such
but more important than than, more important-- much, much--
to see folks stand together, like the Whos, shoulder to shoulder
Getting louder, pissed-offer, and stronger and bolder
in defense of our schools and our kids' education
and declare We're the Wealthiest of States - among Nations!
Top Spending for Prisons! 48th for our schools?!!
It's time to make changes to ridiculous rules!
Tax the oilers, the polluters and the corporate wealthy
Spend the money to make our kids' futures look healthy.
Time to confront the gov'ner, the Lorax, the Rul-ers
Fight for the rights of our collegers and pre-schoolers.
Tell them all that we've HAD it with public school sadness
We're together to oppose this cut-to-bones madness!
Parents, students, administrators, community, teachers,
Pack the buses, the highways, the aisles and the bleachers!

Be seen and heard March 14!!
Rally in Sacramento

More details to follow.