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We are in a State of Emergency and we need every one of you to be informed and involved!

May 9-13 State of Emergency Week of Action

Rep Council is Monday, May 2. We will spend most of the meeting preparing for the Week of Action May 9-13, so be sure you are informed! We encourage members to go to Sacramento on Monday, May 9th to set the tone for the week-long occupation - OEA is scheduling a bus, and there will be sign-ups at Rep Council, so let your Rep know if you want to be on the bus. CTA will pay for your release time. If you can't go Monday, go another day with a few others from your site - CTA will pay for release time and transportation. You need to register online at www.regonline.com/capitolinsiders
Much more information will be available at Rep Council on May 2nd.

OEA State of Emergency Flyer

Wells Fargo Shareholders' Meeting May 3rd

We know you're working, but... we want you to know that some of your OEA leaders will be participating on Tuesday, May 3rd in the annual Wells Fargo Shareholders' meeting with ACCE, SEIU, PICO, Just Cause, CCISCO and others to demand action on our proposals to keep families in their homes; rebuild our neighborhoods, pay their fair share; stop predatory lending and stop profiting from detaining immigrant communities; bail out schools, not banks. March and rally May 3 at 11:30am at Justin Herman Plaza, San Francisco.
OCO Community Action Event May 3rd

OCO-sponsored (Oakland Community Organizations) Community Action Event

Later that day, please join me at the OCO-sponsored (Oakland Community Organizations) Community Action event at 6:30 PM at the Cesar Chavez Learning Center, 2825 International Blvd. in Oakland.  Together we will be urging the state to take action on the state budget and pass AB 609 (Swanson) that will bring back $25 million to OUSD. We will also be urging OUSD to continue their work to restore programs and staff to school sites and direct more resources to schools.
We know we're in the testing weeks. But what is going to happen to our students if we don't stand up and fight for their right to a quality public education? Get ready to participate fully in actions during May 9-13 to demand that this state put its priorities in order!

In unity,
Betty Olson-Jones, President
Oakland Education Association

Day of the Teacher Rally and March  (Oakland City Hall) May 11th


To:  OEA Members


Release time:

If you plan to come to Sacramento to sit in or to support those occupying the State Capitol, this is what you need to do:

Register online at
(NB: An incomplete address was given in the handout at Rep Council; please use this one.)
  1. Click “YES” if you need a release day.
  2. An email will be generated asking you where to send your release letter.  Have it sent to

Debra King-Cooper

Labor Relations, Oakland Unified School District

1025 2nd Ave

Oakland CA  94606

Email:  debra.king-cooper@ousd.k12.ca.us

  1. If you have a designated substitute you want to use, call or email Linda Smith at OEA at 510-763-4020 or linda_smith@oaklandea.org with the substitute’s name and OUSD ID# NO LATER THAN FRIDAY, MAY 6!

  1. Your release time will be paid by CTA. It will not count against your personal leave time.

We have been in communication with Troy Christmas with Labor Relations about release days.  He wanted to pass along the message that the district’s first priority is to make sure schools are functioning each day. As long as you arrange to have your students covered with a substitute, there shouldn’t be any problem in taking time to go to Sacramento.  Plan with your staff a viable alternate plan in case a substitute does not come.


If you carpool or take the train, keep your receipts and turn them in to OEA for reimbursement (mileage is $0.50/mile).

Tax Fairness Legislation for California

Download and Print

AB609 (Swanson) will credit the principal balance of OUSD’s outstanding state loan to reflect elimination of state audit fines & penalties incurred during the state takeover.

AB 1130 (Skinner) restores the tax rates paid by the richest Californians during the years that Ronald Reagan & Pete Wilson governed California. The richest 1% of Californians make an average of $1.7 million dollars per year. Recent federal tax cuts gave these individuals $14 billion in tax cuts, or an average of $90,000 per filer. This bill would establish a one-percent tax increase on the richest Californians, those who make over $500,000 a year. Although less than 1% of California taxpayers would be affected by the bill, AB 1130 would contribute an estimated 2.3 billion in additional revenue for the state. Seventy-eight percent of likely voters support a 1% increase on the income tax rate for Californians earning more than $500,000 a year.

AB 153 (Skinner) is about fairness for California businesses. It levels the playing field between on-line mega-retailers and our state’s businesses. It also will go after the almost $2 billion per year in uncollected sales taxes from online mega-retailers such as Amazon and Overstock.com. These retailers refuse to collect sales taxes owed, leaving California businesses at a severe competitive disadvantage and California consumers on the hook for keeping track of the amount of tax they owe to the state for online purchases. This is simply unfair. AB 153 would correct this by requiring online retailers to collect the tax at the point of sale, just like every other California business does. This will level the playing field for our California businesses while at the same time collecting over $300 million this year alone – almost $1,500 for each public school classroom of 30 students.

These bills are currently moving through the California State Legislature.

Please call your legislators to express your gratitude for their leadership in putting forward these bills that support public education and work toward resolving the budget crisis in a structural and equitable way.

Encourage friends and relatives all over California to contact their representatives to express support for these bills.

All legislator phone numbers can be found using this number: 888-268-4334

Site Rep Sign Up Sheet

Sample Letter to Parents

Download and Print

Sample Parent letter to legislators:


This is an emergency. Public education cannot survive any more cuts. In the short term, we demand that the tax extensions are passed and that no further cuts are made to education and other vital public services. In the long-term, we demand that new sources of revenue be found to fully fund public education and other public programs in California. Proposition 13, that allows corporations to avoid billions of dollars in taxes behind the smokescreen of protecting homeowners, is seen as an unbreakable law, whereas Proposition 98, which guarantees funding for public education, is kicked to the curb whenever it pleases the legislature. Close corporate tax loopholes. Put a tax on oil coming out of the ground similar to the 10% tax in effect in Texas. California is one of the 10 largest economies in the world. The fact that we rank so low in per-pupil funding is inexcusable. We demand tax fairness in the short term, and a state budget without any more cuts now.