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CTA and NEA Benefits

Why Join the CTA and the NEA?

CTA is the state's largest employee organization. It exists primarily to protect and advance the professional and economic interests of its members. With more than 340,000 members CTA is the strongest advocate for providing a free, quality public education to all children. Joining CTA ensures members a number of benefits. 

CTA Member Benefits Program

CTA offers comprehensive insurance programs, discounts on travel and entertainment packages, and a host of professional and career development opportunities, including conferences, scholarships and trainings. Also available is a wide range of publications and other resources for your use.

Membership in CTA also means you get direct access to MyCTA — the CTA members-only website. Once you join, login to MyCTA to access resources and information available only to you. SDEA Members, please login into MyCTA on CTA’s website. Have your CTA Member card and/or individual ID number available.

Login to MyCTA, go to Membership Services, CTA Member Benefit Program for a list of vendors.

NEA Member Benefits

Please visit the NEA Member Benefits Programs on NEA’s website.

Whether your needs are for life, health or casualty insurance, savings and investment programs, a home mortgage or a refinance, or a credit card or personal loan, put the collective buying power of 3.2 million NEA members to work for you. NEA Member Benefits programs are specially designed to help make members’ lives better.

Disability and Life Insurance

Common Referrals

Retirement Questions: CALSTRS 800-228-5453

Credential Questions: Commission on Teacher Credentialing 888-921-2682

Education Questions: California Department of Education 916-319-0800

Disability Insurance Questions: CTA Insurance The Standard 800-522-0406

Workplace Health/Safety Questions: Cal/OSHA 562-944-9366

California Teachers Disaster Relief Fund: Foundation to Assist California Teachers (FACT)