Top 10 Reasons for Becoming an OEA Member

  1. OEA is your professional association and the sole bargaining agent in Oakland Unified School District, negotiating salaries, benefits, and working conditions.
  2. OEA has its own PAC (Political Action Committee), which researches local education-friendly politicians and provides the information to members. NEW!
  3. OEA lobbies your views to the California State Legislature.
  4. OEA protects your rights as a teacher and provides legal representation.
  5. OEA blog and publications (The OEA Advocate) provides you with updated information about education and a forum in which to share your views.
  6. OEA provides you with opportunities to attend workshops and training sessions aimed at improving teacher success.
  7. OEA offers opportunities to become directly involved in the effort to enrich and safeguard a quality public education for every student.
  8. OEA works with other organizations on behalf of public education.
  9. OEA provides catastrophic leave benefits for those who contribute