Updated 12/6/17                                                                  Students Are At The Center of Everything We Do!

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NOVEMBER 20th 6:00pm
Town Hall on Mid-Year Budget Cuts
MetWest High 
NOVEMBER 27th 6:00pm
OUSD School Board
La Escuelita Elementary

DECEMBER 6th 5:30pm
Budget & Finance Commitee @ KDOL
9:00am- 12:00pm
OUSD Board Retreat
La Escuelita Elementary 

DECEMBER 13th 5:00pm
OUSD School Board
La Escuelita Elementary
Upcoming Events
DECEMBER 2 12:00-3:00pm
Black Lives Matter PD
Pleasant Hill Senior Center
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 DECEMBER 4th & 5th 4:30pm
Generation Debt: How to reduce your student debt.
Westlake Middle
Read more here.

OEA Office 

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     DECEMBER 11th  
Movie and Discussion: "Backpack Full of Cash"
Oakland Tech HS
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                                               "New D.C. Schools Chancellor Under Scrutiny for Overspending in California District He Led"

OUSD PAYROLL DISASTER (12/6/17 --7:36am)

Trying to get a straight answer from the district about how this happened. 

Superintendent has stated that payroll is working to amend right now. Look for email from district, OEA, or robocall for the latest progress towards making you whole.

Going forward, make sure you keep all records of charges you had to pay as a result of this fiasco. We will demand reimbursement.

In unity,
Trish Gorham, President
Oakland Education Association


They maintain that it is an error on the part of Union Bank who issues the pay warrants.

Any bank related fees associated with this will be reversed, but make sure you keep all records of charges you had to pay as a result of this fiasco to ensure reimbursement.

The Superintendent has stated that payroll is working to amend right now. Look for email from district, OEA, or robocall for the latest progress.

OEA/CTA is exploring all legal remedies to ensure that you are made whole. A cease and desist demand will be sent to the district within the hour.

If you feel the need to leave at the end of the student day to check on and handle your financial situation you are free to do so with no negative consequences. Superintendent Kyla Johnson-Trammel has confirmed this.

Due to the large number of calls, emails, and texts, I will not be able to respond to members personally today.

In unity,
Trish Gorham, President
Oakland Education Association


So far, OEA has:

Issued a Cease and Desist Order to OUSD on the payroll reversal.

Assigned a CTA lawyer to seek necessary legal remedies.

Filed a grievance to demand:

- The District shall comply with the terms and conditions of the Contract.
- The District shall pay contractual salary to all eligible unit members. 
- The District shall make all adversely affected unit members whole, including, but not limited to, any fees or damaged credit ratings accrued by unit members due to not receiving their contractual pay.
- Both parties shall mutually select an independent, third party investigator to determine the cause of the pay reversal and to make recommendations to avoid future recurrences. 
- Any other remedy agreed to by both parties or awarded by an Arbitrator, if this matter proceeds to arbitration.
The district is assuring employees that this will be righted by the end of the business day, but you may be forgiven for not feeling confident that it will be so. Any bank related fees associated with this will be reversed, but make sure you keep all records of charges you had to pay as a result of this fiasco to ensure reimbursement. You will be made whole!

In unity,
Trish Gorham, President
Oakland Education Association


Cuts to school sites must be eliminated and layoffs of the lowest paid workers in the district reversed. Join with OUSD parents, students, unions and community groups to say no to these unreasonable reductions.

Nov 26th 2017 -- YES, WE CAN influence the board to reduce their proposed mid year cuts. In coalition with OUSD unions, parents, students, and community groups, OEA members need to show up to defend the essential student resources needed to support excellent schools. Students are at the center of everything we do and we will not allow our students to carry the burden of the mistakes made by district leadership.

On Monday, our message is: protect our pupils, school programs, and essential personnel. While the budget fiasco will have implications for continued negotiations, the immediate threat and our focused messaging will be about our kids and on protecting the jobs of the lowest paid workers in the district. Talk to the classified workers at your site and let them know that we are united in no cuts to classified workers. Make signs that show how these cuts will diminish programs and services to students. 

Going forward, there will be no improvement in OUSD's careening from budget crisis to budget crisis unless we all demand a role in the development of the 2018-2019 budget. Parents, educators, and students must demand a reprioritization of resources at the site and district level. Get involved in the SSCs and make them the governance body they are meant to be. 

Change will not come without the members of the Oakland Education Association engaging deeply in that effort. Make a plan on how you can unite with your colleagues and community and commit to making the changes needed to create the schools Oakland students deserve.

                                                                                       Download and share flyers: English & Spanish



As we head into the Thanksgiving break, we can celebrate OEA unity on November 8. Hundreds of members demonstrated in support of our students and to fight any cuts to kids. OEA members are empowering ourselves and our community to protect what is essential for excellent schools.
But even in celebration we must look to the struggles ahead. We all must be involved in demanding budget priorities that keep students at the center. At the site and district levels we must be involved in minimizing cuts now and demand a collaborative budget process for the future. 
Check the dates to the left and show up for the budget meetings ahead. The school board plans to make the final cut on Monday, November 27, the day we return to school. Please check your emails for updates during the break.
Rest up. We have a long year of organizing ahead!


OEA members will be out there rain or shine!!!

In the face of unnecessary cuts that aim to hurt our students and fellow OUSD union Brothers and Sisters, it is imperative that we continue our demand for the resources our students deserve: from the district, from the county, and from the state!
OEA is part of a statewide coalition of CTA locals and community groups which will highlight the need to invest more in California Public Schools over the next 2 weeks. 
Actions from San Diego to Richmond will decry our standing as 46th in per pupil spending in the country, the drain of resources from our students by the unfettered growth of charter schools, and the benefits of bargaining contracts, in collaboration with parents and students, for the common good

In our goal to show STRENGTH IN NUMBERS to stop harmful cuts and win a fair contract, November 8 is an important showing of unity 

Please commit to the HOUR OF POWER!



On November 8 OEA members will join a state wide series of actions (10/6-10/16) from San Diego to San Francisco to Fight for the Funds our students deserve. California should be ashamed to be the 6th largest economy in the world and 46th in per pupil spending in the US. We will change that through our collective work in the California Alliance for Community Schools!
In Oakland, that message will be included in our November 8 action that is also about OUSD budget mismanagement and priorities.

We are aligning with community groups to hold the OUSD School Board, the County Office of Education, and the State accountable; all play a role in OUSD's financial fiasco.