We asked you to vote on authorizing the Executive Board to call for actions up to and including a strike.
You turned out and voted.  Here are the results!

693 Total Votes Cast
651 Yes         93.94%
  40 No            5.77%
    2 Abstain    0.29% 


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***Are you getting emails blasts from OEA? If not, contact OEA so we can put you in the database.***

Save the Date!!!

April 29 -- OEA General Membership Meeting -- 4-6pm @ Skyline High

April 29th Meeting Details:

Negotiations for a successor agreement to the 2013 settlement have been going on for over a year. Progress has been steady but at a very slow pace. Your OEA Bargaining Team has determined that there have been sufficient discussions and exchanges of information. It is time to determine the actual language that will lead to a Tentative Agreement. 

It is expected that by the April 29 Membership Meeting your OEA Bargaining Team will know if they are close to finishing that language or if it looks like we are moving closer to declaring impasse. 

If impasse is declared then we go into a mediation phase, then a fact-finding phase. After a fact-finding report is released then we can agree to continue negotiations or strike. After the fact-finding report is released the district can agree to continue negotiations or impose their last best and final offer. See a flowchart describing the above here

The path from impasse to strike legal takes about 60 days. So strike could not be legally called before the end of the school this school year

Why might April 29 be a strike authorization vote?

Because the district and the public need to know that OEA members are willing to make real sacrifices to create better conditions for our students and maintain basic union rights for ourselves. 

Because we can all begin now and work through the summer to organize ourselves and our parents for a possible strike in the fall. 

Because your OEA Executive Board will be able to act decisively in calling for more aggressive work actions now if it will further movement in negotiations.

Because we acknowledge that we have to make decisions about our personal lives and will have the time to do that. 

Look for an email straw poll asking you about a strike authorization and your attendance at the membership meeting. On line voting CANNOT be considered as official, per our by-laws. It is critical that you attend the meeting. 

Email oaklandea.contact@gmail.com if you have any questions or feedback


4/27/15 Update: 

Carpool from Farmer Joe's on 35th and MacArthur to Skyline and childcare will be provided. Contact kteachermunck@yahoo.com for more info. A strike authorization vote will take place. OEA President Trish Gorham:

"The OEA Executive Board will ask for a strike authorization vote on April 29. Tonight [4/28], at the conclusion of a report by your OEA Bargaining Team, your OEA Executive Board approved the following motion:

I move that the OEA Executive Board put the following motion to the body at the April 29 Membership Meeting:

I authorize the OEA Executive Board to call for work actions up to and including a strike in the 2015-2016 school year if deemed necessary to settle a contract."

4/21/15 Update: Look for an email straw poll WEDNESDAY AT 6:00PM asking you about strike authorization and your attendance at the membership meeting. You will only get an email if you are an OEA member and have a non-OUSD email in CTA's database. Get directions for updating your records at CTA here: http://bit.ly/1IGtyY8

Online voting for a strike authorization CANNOT be considered as official, per our by-laws. It is critical that you attend the meeting.

Be part of the discussion. Be part of the decisions that are made.

OEA General Elections are here!!!

Click Here to download the OEA

General Election Declaration of 

Candidacy form.

***Declaration of Candidacy must be made by 5pm on 5/4 at Rep Council, at Bret Harte Middle School.***

Bargaining Update 4/13/15!!!
Click on the Bargaining  tab to see the latest OEA and OUSD proposals.  

Check out the Organizing tab for downloadable documents, to support organizing at your site!

Check out the UPDATED OEA Salary Schedule for all certificated employees, reflecting the meager raises we have received in the past 10 years.