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Check out our Contract Page for information on how your raise and off-salary checks will be issued this year

BCLAD certified teachers, please take a moment to check your January pay stub online. Payroll is said to have activated the monthly stipend which should appear under the Earnings category as "BIL OEA" with current earning at $125.00. If you do NOT see any current earnings, please contact Chaz Garcia immediately at mz_chaz@hotmail.com so that the issue can be resolved with HR and payroll. 

The current earnings do not reflect the back pay that is owed to all eligible members, a total of $500.  Initially, the amount owed was to be included in January's warrant, however it has been confirmed that it to be paid in a supplemental February check. 

Action Alert! -- MARK THE DATE
January 27th, 4:30-5:30
HOUR OF POWER AT OUSD School Board Meeting

The next battleground on the issue of charter schools encroaching into OUSD business will be common enrollment. Across the country, corporate reformers are trying to blur the distinction between public and charter schools, and give an upper hand to the charter management systems.

We stopped that from happening last year in the Fight for the Five and we will have to continue that battle with the current Call for Quality Schools in West Oakland and Common Enrollment.

Please check out the links below which state some of the problems of combining OUSD and Charter management schools into one application process.

Say "NO!" to Common Enrollment
Read more here and here


ANOTHER RAISE! But a District Snafu

Instead of the 2.81% that reflects the actual salary increase beginning in January, 2016, your pay warrant this week will reflect a 2.79% increase. The wrong figure was mistakenly reported to payroll by district administration. 

Also, the district FINALLY agreed with OEA that their calculations for the salary increase based on the state revenue to the district was incorrect. That figure was off by .02%.

It is quite astonishing that OUSD cannot correctly apply the actual increase in a simple and timely manner, but that is the case with their beleaguered and inefficient IFAS system.

While the .04% owed is a small amount, it is money that is due and money that will be paid to OEA members. It is likely we will have that amount added to the off schedule one time check due to members in July.

on 1/8/16 incident reported on KPIX: here.

We, the members of the Oakland Education Association who serve the students at Fremont High School, are appalled at the inappropriate assaultive treatment of our student at the hands of an OUSD School Safety Officer and Vice Principal on Friday, January 8, 2016.

After collectively viewing the security footage aired on KPIX, Fremont OEA members agreed upon three grievances regarding the incident.

First, we believe that the SSO and VP did not act with the proper protocol to address the mental health needs of the student in a safe and supportive way. Second, we believe that when the SSO initiated physical contact with the student this was unwarranted and excessive. Third, we believe that the proper district protocols are not being followed in the aftermath of this incident.

In response to these grievances, we are calling upon OUSD to place the SSO and administrator involved in the incident on paid administrative leave until an adequate and transparent investigation has been conducted. We stand for our students' physical and mental safety and do not condone aggressive physical contact initiated by adults toward the youth in our classrooms and school. 

We all agree that building a solid foundation for growth in social, academic, and motor skills is critical for our students. And critical to that effort are the professionals providing quality pre-kindergarten experiences in our Early Childhood Education programs.
OEA and OUSD agreed to only bargain the article specific to the ECE programs this year. That important work will be informed by the members of the ECE programs. 
ECE teachers are urged to attend one of the sessions on January 12 to inform the OEA Bargaining Team of their issues and priorities.
Read more here.

$ Another Raise is Coming $

The Collective Bargaining Agreement OEA Members ratified in June continues to provide deserving boosts to your wallets. Beginning January 1, all members will receive another raise on their salary schedules. The 2.81% increase will be reflected on the January pay warrants and will be ongoing.

There will be one more raise effective July 1, 2016. This is based on the percentage of new money coming to OUSD from the Local Control Funding Formula money in the Governor's budget. We will get a hint at an estimate in January with the proposed budget, but it won't be final until June.

Voluntary Transfer Information
Submit forms by January 6

Please read the joint letter from OUSD and OEA about transfer opportunities, requirements, and deadlines regarding your desire to transfer to another school. Understand the two options carefully before selecting.


A perfect opportunity to contribute to your union and earn extra cash!

Applications being accepted for
OEA Webmaster
New Deadline December 18

Are you a savvy communicator with website content management and web development skills who has a passion for public education and labor unions? Become Oakland Education Association's new Webmaster!  OEA's website needs to be regularly updated and improved to better serve as a one-stop-shop for the most current information for members and the public. Time commitment will be 3-5 hrs/week. Pay would be $300/month. Preference in hiring will be given to current OEA members. 
Application here.



Join the Catastrophic Leave Bank!

At least three times a year a member who is ill and is close to
running out of sick leave wants to know what will happen if their sick leave runs out. I have the horrible task of informing them that their health benefits may cease as well as their pay because they did not join the catastrophic leave bank that could continue their sick leave status. Don't let that be you! Sign up for the Catastrophic Leave if you have 21 sick days of credit. It is worth the investment. If you are not sure, you can sign up again. No additional days will be taken if, when processed, it is found you have already contributed.

Download Catastrophic Form here.




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An OEA PD Conference for teachers, by teachers
March 12, 2015

January 25 OR 26
4:30-6:30 (you choose)

Student Loan Debt Forgiveness Workshop
Offered on 2 nights!
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January 27th 4:30-5:30

No Common Enrollment!
Member Mobilization against the corporate agenda to privatize OUSD schools!

February 7 4:00-6:30

Bret Harte Middle School

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