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Action Alert! -- MARK THE DATE
Wednesday, December 2, 5:30 - 6:30
HOUR OF POWER AT OUSD School Board Meeting

Without School Board Approval, Superintendent Wilson is promoting a plan to include Charter Schools in OUSD Options Enrollment Process. It attempts to blur the distinction between public and charter schools and would threaten the enrollment of those OUSD schools already being skimmed of their students.

If your school or child has been negatively effected by a charter school's enrollment policies, you need to attend the meeting or send a clear message to the School Board Directors (contact information in flyer link below). 

This is NOT a solution whose time has come. The School Board should make decisions in the best interest of OUSD schools, not privately run, charter management schools.

Say "NO!" to Common Enrollment
Read more here and here

OEA BELIEVES OUSD schools in every neighborhood should receive the support and 
resources needed to provide every student with a quality education, not an enrollment system 
that undermines their capacity to improve by directing students and resources away from 

Many parents have expressed a desire for some degree of flexibility. The current enrollment 
and student assignment system has not provided an equitable and efficient methodology that 
addresses the needs of families. It favors those with the time, knowledge and fortitude to 
navigate it over those who lack such advantages. We believe the proposed common 
enrollment system does not fix and, in fact, perpetuates many of the problems of the
current system and adds new ones.

· Even its advocates admit that where a common enrollment system has been
implemented it has failed to fully address economic and racial inequalities.

Site based decisions should begin with site based enrollment. Any new system that 
continues to keep enrollment decisions away from the site will result in 
mis-assignments, overages, and underages. Such was the case when enrollment for 
our ECE programs was taken out of the hands of those providing the service and 
centralized to a location to which many parents were unable or unwilling to travel. ECE 
enrollment dropped as parents found other, less bureaucratic, alternatives.

· Common enrollment is dishonest: It presents all schools in its system as public 
schools, even though charter schools are privately run and not publicly accountable.

· Common enrollment increases inequity: It will boost numbers of families applying to 
charters, but won’t require charters to alter discriminatory admissions, discipline, 
suspension or expulsion policies. (District FAQ: Common Enrollment will not “control or 
shape admissions policies at schools.”)

· Common enrollment further entrenches a market-based corporate model that 
intensifies competition, instability, and a perpetual cycle of school disruptions.

· The unknown cost of this proposal is yet another diversion of resources away from 
classrooms. Will this be borne entirely by resources that can otherwise be used to 
benefit OUSD students?



Join the Catastrophic Leave Bank!

At least three times a year a member who is ill and is close to
running out of sick leave wants to know what will happen if their sick leave runs out. I have the horrible task of informing them that their health benefits may cease as well as their pay because they did not join the catastrophic leave bank that could continue their sick leave status. Don't let that be you! Sign up for the Catastrophic Leave if you have 21 sick days of credit. It is worth the investment. If you are not sure, you can sign up again. No additional days will be taken if, when processed, it is found you have already contributed.

Download Catastrophic Form here.



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