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Elect your OEA Reps, Faculty Council, and School Site Council Members!
Site Rep Election Form here.

Upcoming Events
October 4 4:30
OEA Executive Board

OEA members show visible support district wide for your Bargaining Team! Materials at October Rep Council.

OCTOBER 11 5:30 
OUSD School Board

OCTOBER 12 4:30 
CAT Organizing Team

OCTOBER 18 4:30
OEA Executive Board

November 8
An action to fund the schools our students deserve!


The designated seat for Substitute Teachers will be filled by a general election October 16-26, 2017. Only an OEA Substitute Teacher can run for the seat.
Nominations will close at the October 2, 2017 Rep Council.

Please read more information in the Declaration of Candidacy Form here.

Up-to-date info is available on: Facebook & Twitter

for any general questions or feedback

Catastrophic Leave Bank
Teachers do not have State Disability. What happens if you run out of your sick leave? If you qualify to sign up (banked 20 sick days) then joining the Catastrophic Leave Bank is a must! About 6 members a year depend on it to keep going after sick leave runs out.
Deadline to submit is October 31, 2017.
Read and send in the form here.

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Thanks from your OEA
Bargaining Team

Your #TeamOEA was heartened by the outpouring of support and solidarity on October 9. Here are some of the pictures sent in from sites:
Pictures from #TeamOEA Day here.
Bret Harte Middle School staff supporting their #TeamOEA


In discussions with the Superintendent throughout the day, I insisted that:
  • Teachers have held it together for the students under horrendous conditions since Monday and should be given the PD day on Friday to work at home.
  • Any teacher who had to take Thursday off for health reasons should not have that day deducted from their sick leave.
Superintendent Kyla Johnson-Trammel ultimately decided not to close the ECEs or cancel PD on Friday
We are still discussing the deduction of sick days for both Thursday and Friday. If a decision on that is not forthcoming, we will seek legal remedies afforded to us about your right to remove yourself from an unhealthy working condition.
Teachers need to take whatever steps are necessary to protect their health tomorrow. If you need to take the day off, please do so. There will be no negative consequence for this.
I will continue to demand that you be accorded with the same respect around your sick leave that students were accorded about their absences.

In unity,
Trish Gorham, OEA President

10/10/17 - Your OEA Bargaining Team introduced language on October 9 that would add an additional FTE to schools of the highest need. They will introduce language that caps class sizes in schools with a higher need at lower maximums than other schools. "High need" is based on definitions set forth in the state Local Control Funding Formula, which increases allocations to districts with higher need students (free lunch, ELL, foster youth).                Click here for OEA Bargaining Team Question  #13

10/8/17 -- Why do we show unity tomorrow? Because in UNITY we WIN.
The increase in your pay warrants this month is the result of unity within OEA to fight for what was our due and unity of the OUSD unions on the Health Benefits Governing Board (HBGB) to guarantee equal access and cost to all OUSD union employees.
An additional .34%  was added to your salary as a result of an arbitration judgement which supported OEA's position that OUSD had no right to unilaterally decrease the amount negotiated to be applied in January. A .51% of last year's salary will be paid in a retro check by November 1 to those employed both last year and this year as a result of that judgement.
You will notice that the contribution to Health Premiums is at $0. This is a result of the work of the HBGB. This is only guaranteed for one year, but is a substantial increase in salary for this year. Additional enhancements to your benefits will be described in a later publication.
In unity,
Trish Gorham, President
Oakland Education Association

The water crisis at McClymonds leaves questions about the water quality in all of our schools. Make that sure OUSD's promise to test the water at all sites is fulfilled. 
Read more about CALPIRG's
Campaign for Lead Free Schools here.



Help for Puerto Rico!
Get OEActive!!! OEA is collecting donations for victims of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico now through November 3 at the OEA Center 1025 E 12th Street. Donations accepted M-F 9am- 5pm.

Items needed include:
  • Batteries
  • First aid kits
  • Diapers
  • Baby wipes
  • Feminine products


Your donations will make a world of difference. Please spread the word and show Puerto Rico some love. Any questions, contact Chaz at mz.chastityg@gmail.com.

Oaklanders understand the trauma of 
entire communities being wiped out in a 
matter of hours. We share the sorrow 
of our fellow Californians.
CTA has a Disaster Relief Fund and information 
for members impacted by natural disasters.
For more information click here.

Our hearts go out to the family of Frick and former Bret Harte student, 8th grader, Anibal Andres Ramirez. 

Please reach out to the Frick and Bret Harte School communities to see how you can support his family, his schoolmates, and his teachers. 

RIP Anibal.

2016-17 Year in Review


A perfect opportunity to contribute to your union and earn extra cash!

Applications being accepted for
OEA Webmaster

Are you a savvy communicator with website content management and web development skills who has a passion for public education and labor unions? Become Oakland Education Association's new Webmaster!  OEA's website needs to be regularly updated and improved to better serve as a one-stop-shop for the most current information for members and the public. Time commitment will be 3-5 hrs/week. Pay would be $300/month. Preference in hiring will be given to current OEA members. 
Application here.


Join the Catastrophic Leave Bank!

At least three times a year a member who is ill and is close to
running out of sick leave wants to know what will happen if their sick leave runs out. I have the horrible task of informing them that their health benefits may cease as well as their pay because they did not join the catastrophic leave bank that could continue their sick leave status. Don't let that be you! Sign up for the Catastrophic Leave if you have 21 sick days of credit. It is worth the investment. If you are not sure, you can sign up again. No additional days will be taken if, when processed, it is found you have already contributed.

Download Catastrophic Form here.



Be included in decisions to be made on TGDS Evaluation System
Reports from the Table
Results from Weekly Bargaining Team Questions

The Teacher Growth and Development System (TGDS) has been jointly developed by OUSD and OEA over several years. Is it worth continuing to improve it or should we go back to the previous model? Your OEA Bargaining Team needs to hear from you as they contemplate negotiating a TGDS MOU for 2017-2018. 

You can track the exchange of written proposals here

Previous Bargaining Updates are here.