Updated 5/31/17
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2016-17 Year in Review


Be included in decisions to be made on TGDS Evaluation System
Reports from the Table
Results from Weekly Bargaining Team Questions

The Teacher Growth and Development System (TGDS) has been jointly developed by OUSD and OEA over several years. Is it worth continuing to improve it or should we go back to the previous model? Your OEA Bargaining Team needs to hear from you as they contemplate negotiating a TGDS MOU for 2017-2018. 

You can track the exchange of written proposals here

Previous Bargaining Updates are here.


May 31 is Deadline for making changes.

If you are currently covered by Health Net you must change to Sutter or Kaiser. To remain in Kaiser, you need not do anything.

Please read this important letter from the Health Benefits Governing Board explaining all of your choices.

All needed forms are attached to letter. 

                                                                            Read letter here.


Elementary ELA Survey

The results will be shared with the district in order to develop the best programs for our students.

Take survey here 

Tell Congress to reject an education budget that guts the public good to grow charters and vouchers.
Sign onto the Network for Public Education's media campaign here

                               Hour of Power: Sunshine Proposal Presentation to the School Board 

The teachers’ union contract is an opportunity to fight for the schools our students deserve. If teachers and parents work together, we can win. 

Let’s show our solidarity!

Oakland City Hall
Wednesday, February 8th 5:00pm - 6:00pm

(Free parking in garage on 16th Street between Clay and San Pablo)    

Download flyer 

Read the Sunshine Narrative which will be presented on Wednesday, February 8, at the OUSD School Board meeting here.

                    Read the Bargaining Blueprint which Rep Council will consider for adoption on February 6 here.

Please read and discuss Bargaining Blueprint at your sites or in a short meeting after school on Monday.

The start of Rep Council is delayed so these discussions can happen.

OEA Rep Council Meeting
Bret Harte Middle School
Monday, February 6
4:30 - 6:45

JANUARY 30, 2017   




Your OEA Bargaining Team is hearing from members, parents, students, and community members to find shared values that will inform negotiations.

Please invite your students and download announcement here.


OEA Meetup: 10:30 AM 

Oakland March information here.


Look for more information to come. But here is the information so far:

- OEA Rep Council has passed a resolution that finals should not be held on January 20. Plan to finish your finals by January 19.

- OEA is suggesting that Monday, 1/23 is the last final day and final input of grades moved a day or two.(Still needs confirmation from Administration.)

- District will respect the individual decisions of employees and students to peacefully demonstrate on January 20 with no reprisals.

- Employees participating in the General Strike will take a day or half day of unpaid absence.

- Employees who present verification of illness from their physician will be considered to have an approved absence with pay unaffected. Please do not take a sick day under false pretenses. You will have no protection if that is the case.

-Personal leave will not be approved.

- OEA members should be making whole school plans, in collaboration with their site administrator, to ensure the safety of all students.

- OEA members should notify principal in advance of January 20 so that central office can support sites with a large number of absent teachers.
January 19: National Walk In

50 schools committed at the January 9 Rep Council to the Walk In! It's not too late to join them.

Invite parents and community groups now to join you during the 30 minutes before school to greet students and affirm that Public Schools Are For Everyone!

Start planning welcoming activities and/or beginning of the day assembly programs to demonstrate what a SAFE school means to your students and families. Art projects, Music, and Spoken Word are ways to creatively show support to all in our school communities and beyond. We will resist the assault on our sense and sensibilities and say NO to bigotry and hate.

The OUSD School Board and OUSD Administration are in support of this action which brings reality to the values of the Board Resolution on Sanctuary.
English, Spanish, and Chinese invitations are here.
You can get more copies and posters at the OEA Center. These flyers can be sent home with the students. The OEA Center will be open on Friday until 6:00 pm and Monday, January 16, from 1:00 to 3:00 for pick ups.

 Meet at 14th and Broadway. OEA members wear your OEA t-shirts and look for the green OEA banner. #ReclaimMLK #BlackLivesMatter #Solidarity


January 2017 Representative Council: Organizing Training  

NOTE: Site Reps, Rep Council will be held on Monday, January 9 at PRESERVATION PARK, Nile Hall, MLK Way between 12th and 13th. 4:30-7:00pm Please commit and make arrangements to stay for the whole meeting.

We will have a short Rep Council business meeting but the majority of the time will be devoted to organizing training and information on Alliance to Reclaim Public Schools' (AROS) January 19 SAFE Walk In (Public Schools Are For Everyone) Immigration rights for teachers and students
organizing sites for a strong contract campaign this Spring.

Parking in the garage will be paid by OEA. Dinner and child care provided.

We have a long struggle ahead but we can win if we are prepared!


January 7th 10am-12pm Where: Metwest High School 314 E 10th St

As we gear up for contract negotiations we want to engage our students parents and guardians in the process, too! We want parent's input into what they believe will help their students more via our contract.  Please let your families know!
Share this Facebook Invite 

Fill Out the Parent Survey:


Wishing you a restful holiday with plenty of good cheer. We end the year welcoming a new OEA Secretary. Congratulations, Mark! We end the year in sad reflection of the losses communities of Oakland have suffered. And we end the year with feelings of uncertainty about our future.

But we will begin 2017 with plans to address that uncertainty by finding ways to grow stronger as individuals, as a union, and as a united community by adhering and giving voice to our values. Consider coming to the training on January 9 to learn how we can inform and organize our school communities. We will have information and training on immigrant rights, our contract campaign, and on strengthening community alliances.

The National Walk In on January 19 will be the largest one yet. We have community activists, groups, and politicians ready to Walk In to tell our students and parents that they are SAFEand our Schools Are For Everyone! More information next week. But commit to action today! Commit to protecting our students, loudly.

Thank you for your commitment to the children of Oakland. I am proud to be counted in your number, and I hope, even on THOSE days, you feel enormously proud of your critical role in creating our future.

In unity,

Trish Gorham, OEA President

            As you share time with your loved ones, please remember those who will not.

Other resources:

Grey Area Foundation for the Arts

Fund for son of Oakland teacher, Pat Wright
Support Khari Campbell-Wright

Family of McClymonds' alum, Travon Godfrey 
Family of Oakland High student, Antwaun Williams 



         Congratulations to Mark Airgood on his election to OEA Secretary. Read results here.

To all OEA Members,

Please take a few minutes to take the OEA Bargaining Survey if you haven't already done so.  Click here to take the survey. The survey will close this Friday, December 16.  Our Bargaining Team is beginning to review members' input received as they develop OEA's bargaining proposals. They need to hear from you and others at your site, so please encourage your colleagues to take the survey too.

Your OEA Executive Board voted to send $5,000.00 to the Oakland A's Ghost Ship Warehouse Fire Relief Fund

Members are invited to attend the Rep Council Meeting on January 94:15-7:30. We will devote most of that meeting to organizing training. Find ways to become involved and ready to act as we enter negotiations and as we join the resistance to fight anticipated assaults on our civil rights, human services, and the public assets.

In unity,
Trish Gorham, President

Rested and Ready to Resist

So, since November 8, 2016, we have experienced the takeover of the national government by a basket of inexperienced deplorables, a local election financed by the corporate reform agenda to the tune of $700,000.+, and the abrupt departure of Superintendent Antwan Wilson, who leaves behind a number of incomplete projects, unfulfilled promises, and a central administration shorn of those with an institutional memory and proven commitment to Oakland students. Apparently, "iamousd" is only a button/lanyard loosely worn and easily discarded.

WE, however, who have committed our lives and careers to Oakland and its children WILL carry on as we always have, for our students.

WE WILL maintain a safe and caring space for all of our children who feel threatened by the rhetoric, posturing, and threats of the current political climate.

WE WILL think globally and act locally to push for a progressive, just, and inclusive social agenda.

WE WILL resist the corporate narrative of failing schools which can only be saved by adopting a business model of bogus metrics and punitive solutions instead of providing adequate resources.

WE WILL insist on a new administrative structure in OUSD that has demonstrated commitment to Oakland and our children.

WE WILL resist political appointments at the local, state, and national level who have records which oppose the maintenance of the common good and who clearly represent the interests of the 1%.

We are NOT in normal times and we must ALL step up in our advocacy and our resistance to injustice and oppression. While that may take varying degrees and forms for those with varying capacities for resistance, it is NOT an option to remain passive. It is time to decide which side you are on and for which side you will work. The sign ups will begin soon.

Here are some perspectives from which you might draw inspiration to move forward:

Lessons from authoritarian past:

We will share many more with each other in the days ahead.

WE WILL Organize Educate and Agitate to create a more socially just Oakland, California, and US.

It will happen. Just rather sad that we have to have the same struggles over and over.

In unity,

Trish Gorham, President
Oakland Education Association


Your Union/Your Voice

During the months of September and October, sites discussed 4 questions to let your OEA Bargaining Team know the values you hold for improving the teaching and learning conditions in Oakland.

On November 15 & 17, Contract Conventions were held to hear from a range of members about their particular issues. View  the Contract Convention  slideshow presentation: 
To continue the information gathering which will assist your OEA Bargaining Team to develop the outline for proposals, please click on:

It is a quick way to let your voice be heard. Please take the time now!

We Are About to Bargain a New Contract!
Pick a Date
4:30PM - 6:30PM

November 15 at CCPA/Roots Auditorium 1390 66th Avenue


November 17 at Oakland Tech 4351 Broadway

Each negotiation is another opportunity to bend the arc to a more just and equitable public school system for Oakland students, parents, and educators.

Pick a date and join the campaign for our new contract.
Dear OEA Members,

In going through a pile of papers, I came across a copy of my beginning of the year letter to members from a previous year:

"I understand there are those who feel that a teachers' union should only be concerned with issues surrounding our teaching and learning conditions. But, much as we may like to, we cannot prevent  the pain and injustices of the world, of our city, of our neighborhoods from penetrating all the defenses we have built to create a safe place for our students. The members of OEA always have, and will continue to, face down injustice and advocate, not just for the schools, but for the world our students deserve."
That is what I hold to tonight. To reaffirm our commitment to creating the spaces where all of our students have a safe and healthy way to process the anger, confusion, and fear roiling within and without. And we must find that safe and healthy path for ourselves, also.

We will get past our initial flight or fight responses and form ever stronger and widening alliances in the fight against repression and racism, to maintain our civil liberties, and to protect our students and all citizens threatened by hate. Can we sustain, not the anger, but the fierce determination, to bend the arc of history back toward justice?
The OEA, as it always has, will Organize, Educate, and Agitate toward that end.

In unity,
Trish Gorham, President
Oakland Education Association
Information on Students' Right to Protest
Please read the Bulletin from the American Civil Liberties Union outlining the parameters allowed for students to protest during the school day.
Teachers decisions around student protest should be guided to ensure the most safe environment for all students.

It has been the practice that report cards go home the Friday following the end of the report card period. Since that lands during the Thanksgiving break, report cards should go home on December 2. OEA is in discussion with Teaching & Learning about wildly varying principal demands around the negotiated calendar. But it is clear to us.
The Oakland Education Association congratulates Jumoke Hinton-Hodge, Roseann Torres, Jody London, and James Harris on their re-election to serve as OUSD School Board Directors. 

We thank them for their past service, and recognize their continuing commitment to finding common ground upon which to build a stronger and more equitable public school system for Oakland Unified School District students.  
While there may be differences about how best to reach that goal, we are eager to engage in this necessary work.
The OEA stands ready to move forward in working with Directors Hinton-Hodge, Torres, London, and Harris to provide the best teaching and learning conditions in support of our students.


A grievance has been filed and we are exploring filing an Unfair Labor Practice in the continuing dispute over the 2016-2017 salary increase and one-time off schedule increase. OUSD has made their calculated adjustments as follows:

3.07%  (vs. the promised3.75%) on your pay warrant reflecting salary schedule increase effective July 1, 2016;
1.25% (vs. the promised 1.63%) one-time off schedule increase.

Retro check which includes .04% increase effective January 1, 2016 plus 3.07% effective July 1.
*NEW* Payment was delayed for some due to glitch in District's obsolete IFAS system. Will be deposited today or tomorrow. But keep checking!

0.34% (vs. 0.42% "if the expected funding is realized") effective January 1, 2017.

                                           SUPPORT OEA ENDORSED CANDIDATES FOR OUSD SCHOOL BOARD!

Wcan change the direction of OUSD by electing a Board that is more responsive to the priorities of the community. Vote, volunteer, and speak up for a
School Board Oakland Students Deserve!



City of Oakland Measure Endorsements
Measure G1: No Position

It's your decision. Should OEA Support, Oppose, or be Neutral on MEASURE G1?

***The following arguments have been voluntarily submitted based on the writers' understanding of the Measure G1 language. No formal process of fact checking was applied. It is recommended that you click on the link below to read the language for yourself.***


For recommendations for all ballot items in Alameda County click here
Vote online: 
November 15 - November 30

Vote at OEA Center by paper ballot 9:00AM-6:00PM:
November 16, 17, 18, 21, 22, 28, 29, 30

Due to career and other life changes, a number of Executive Board positions are vacant and need to be filled by a vote of the membership. The following vacancies exist:
OEA 2nd Vice President, OEA Secretary, Executive Board Seat #11, State Council Seat #4 
All positions are open to any OEA member. 
Declarations of Candidacy close at the November 7 Rep Council meeting.
  • Declaration of Candidacy form here.
  • Election Timeline here.

Tuesday, October 18  
Informational Picketing at Superintendent Wilson's  
"State of the Schools" Event   
Oakland High School Auditorium
4:30 - 5:30

WednesdayOctober 26
  Trick or Treat HOUR OF POWER at OUSD School Board Meeting
La Escuelita School Auditorium
5:00 - 6:00

Materials for sign making at the OEA before each event!

Strength in Numbers! BE SEEN WEARING GREEN every Wednesday!

Post on OEA's Facebook Page              Tweet to: @OaklandEA 
Email photos to: morganspilleroea@gmail.com

If you are interested in informing and organizing OEA members, please attend the Crisis Action Team meetings on the 2nd and 4th Thursdays at the OEA Center, 4:30 - 6:30.

OUSD Releases its PR piece but it doesn't change that
A Promise Made Should Be a Promise Kept

Your Crisis Action Team is organizing a series of unified responses over the next 2 weeks.
 Look for specific directions in Sunday's email blast.

Strength in Numbers! BE SEEN WEARING GREEN every Wednesday!

Read more about the raise and OEA's response here


OUSD Reneges on agreed salary increase
Please read the complete explanation of the dispute regarding the calculations for this year's salary increase. We will take every legal means to make OEA members whole as well as other union members impacted by the district's miscalculations. But it is critical you hold the elected School Board members accountable for their own mistakes in budgeting. It is not the workers in the district who should pay by reducing their already noncompetitive salaries. Be ready for a united response.

Strength in Numbers! Wear your OEA Green every Wednesday!

Read more about the raise and OEA's response here


The State Budget is finalized and District books are closed.
The negotiated compensation for 2016-2017: 
  • A 3.75% salary schedule increase will be reflected in your October pay warrant. (Salary effective July 1, 2016 + .04%)
  • A retro check for the  increase effective July 1 and the .04% missed January-June will be paid in October.
  • A 0.42% salary schedule increase effective January 1, 2017 will be reflected in your January pay warrant.
  • A 1.63% single, off salary schedule bonus check will be paid no later than January 30, 2017. This is based on your salary schedule position as of July 1, 2016.

    This brings the total salary increases since 2013 to a simple (not accounting for     compounding) 17.22%Is this enough? No one believes that to be the case. But after nearly   a decade of no movement, the members of OEA can take pride in the work of their OEA    Bargaining Team and the strength of their sisters and brothers which produced the positive gains we will continue to improve upon in the next contract. Strength in Numbers! Wear your OEA Green every Wednesday!

OCTOBER 6, 2016
for the
        The OEA / CTA / NEA join the Alliance to Reclaim Our Schools in this 3rd national action in support of our public schools. Read the letter from CTA President, Eric Heinz here.
        In Oakland, and across the state, we will emphasize the need to fight for the FUNDS OUR SCHOOLS DESERVE. Passing Proposition 55 is critical to that goal.
       Schools across Oakland are preparing to gather parents, staff, and students before school starts on the 6th to state the budget priorities for their schools. Art? Music? Class Size? Translation Services? Counselors? How should the funds from Proposition 55 be spent to create the schools all students, inevery neighborhood deserve? 
        See participating cities here.
        AROS resources here.
        There will be materials at the October Rep Council for your school to use on October 6 (flyers, posters, buttons). Make sure you have someone attend.
Please discuss this with your staff this week and commit to being part of this national movement.

Edgar Sanchez, Aileen Chang, Becca Rozza-Marsh, Craig Gordon, Trish Gorham, Janet Lau, Jasmene Miranda, Patty Segura
Working the weekend to keep OEA strong!

Environmental Justice Caucus   
Let's get together to help clean Oakland's Creeks and Parks!

Next Saturday, September 17, 2016, is Oakland's annual Creek to Bay Day, when hundreds of volunteers turn out to spend the morning cleaning and restoring creeks, parks, and shoreline areas. The OEA Environmental Justice Caucus intends to have a presence at the Lake Merritt cleanup site.  Please join us!! 

Rotary Nature Center, 600 Bellevue ave 94610
Participants should arrive by 9:00 am, wearing shoes and clothes appropriate for hands-on cleanup work around the Lake. 

More information is available at oaklandcreektobay.org

To help plan and coordinate volunteer efforts, those who are interested in joining us should reply to membership@OaklandEA.org

Toni Morozumi 
                                                                                                                                             OEA Environmental Justice Caucus


 Vote in the Seat 12 run-off election!

May 31-June 7th
Run-off Election for OEA Executive Board Seat # 12
More info here


Friday, June 17
Free Tailgate with OEA/CTA Sisters and Brothers! Fireworks after game!
More info and order form here




*** No final evaluation goes into ANY personnel file unless you have signed a written request to have it so placed. 

*** ALL teachers in TIPO (BTSA) will be certified this year, even if the principal did not implement TGDS thoroughly.

*** The final evaluation can not be used for a PAR referral. Per the Pilot MOU, no referrals to PAR this year.  

*** No meetings are required after dismissal in elementary schools on June 8.

*** No meetings are required in any school on June 10


Spring 2016 Final Election Results here

Early Childhood Education Tentative Agreement Reached!

At the conclusion of bargaining the 2014-2017 contract in May of 2015, the OEA and OUSD Bargaining Teams agreed to reopen and negotiate the terms and conditions for Early Childhood Educators as written in Article 22.
Your OEA Bargaining Team sunshined their proposals to the OUSD School Board in January and negotiations soon followed. Your OEA BT met every Tuesday after school to craft strategy and language for negotiations and met with the district several times a month.

Also, since ratification, several issues arose that could impact the bargaining unit members and for which OEA submitted Demands to Bargain. They were also placed on the table for your OEA Bargaining Team to negotiate with the district.

Please thank the OEA Bargaining Team for their work on behalf of OEA Members.

Jennifer Formoso, Chair
Relena Ellis, Co-Chair
Stella Collins
Chaz Garcia
Holly Warren-Mordecai
Kathleen Byrnes
Becky Flanigan, CTA Staff

The entire Article 22 is presented to give complete context to the changes. Following the Article 22 Language are agreements regarding: Application of State and Local Laws guaranteeing sick leave; Middle School Coaches; and High School Dual Enrollment Programs.

Read the entire Tentative Agreement here

ECE Teachers Early Retirement/Separation Incentive

The Tentative Agreement contains a one time cash pay out of $2,000.00 if ECE Teachers notify OUSD of their intent to separate by June 31, 2016. You must act soon if interested!

Read agreement here


Declaration of Candidacy for OEA General Election

Ready to get more involved to support OEA Members?

Run for the following elective positions in the OEA General Elections which begin on May 10.

First Vice President
Six (6) Executive Board Seats
Two (2) CTA State Council Seats
Two (2) CTA State Council Alternates
Multiple Openings for Alameda Labor Council Seats

Nominations close at 5:00 PM on Monday, May 2, 2016

Download Declaration of Candidacy Form here.

May 4 Walk In
To Support and Protect our Public Schools

On May 4, parents, students, and teachers in cities across the country will come together to declare their support for their public schools and demand the resources necessary to have a quality neighborhood public school.

In Oakland, our main theme will revolve around actions which disrupt OUSD schools and programs while promoting charter growth. Sites will develop their own messages/actions around: co-location, disruption of special education services, disruptions of leadership and staff,etc., but the umbrella theme for all will be the corporate deforms being imposed on public schools, manifested in the push for common enrollment.

We will have materials ready for you to use on May 4 at the May 2 Rep Council: posters, stickers for teachers, students, and parents to wear all day, and flyers with information on contacting school board members, signing an on line petition, and participation in an action on social media.

Reps should reach out to cluster leaders for support and to inform them of  the site actions

This is a comprehensive page of resources and organizing plans. Most sites will only use a few but good information:




The CTA State Council, at its meeting on April 10, approved the following, which was motivated by a motion brought to that body by Trish Gorham, OEA President, at the January meeting:

"Request that the CTA President write a letter to the Oakland School Board stating CTA's opposition to the utilization of a one application, "common enrollment" student enrollment process that combines district and charter schools as equal choices on the same form provided by a school district."

The "solution looking for a problem" of common enrollment continues to face mounting opposition by Community Groups, Labor, and those who have seen the devastating collapse to enrollment in district schools in New Orleans, Camden, and other cities where the Broad-Walmart initiative has been imposed. This is not a result of parents preferring charters over district schools, but of a rigged system that favors assignment to charters.

Has your community group taken a position on Common Enrollment? Download the statement, get your group to sign on, prepare to attend the school board meeting:



Download our Statement on Enrollment and Assignment Issues

Click here.


Standardized Testing: Parents have a choice

And it is perfectly legal for teachers to inform parents of their rights. But it is NOT legal to advocate.

Here is information about standardized testing in California and what your rights and responsibilities are as an educator.

Eric Heins, President of CTA, gives key information here.


"Follow the Money Down Broadway" -- Feb 23


BCLAD certified teachers, please take a moment to check your January pay stub online. Payroll is said to have activated the monthly stipend which should appear under the Earnings category as "BIL OEA" with current earning at $125.00. If you do NOT see any current earnings, please contact Chaz Garcia immediately at mz_chaz@hotmail.com so that the issue can be resolved with HR and payroll. 

The current earnings do not reflect the back pay that is owed to all eligible members, a total of $500.  Initially, the amount owed was to be included in January's warrant, however it has been confirmed that it to be paid in a supplemental February check. 
Say "NO!" to Common Enrollment
Read more here and here


ANOTHER RAISE! But a District Snafu

Instead of the 2.81% that reflects the actual salary increase beginning in January, 2016, your pay warrant this week will reflect a 2.79% increase. The wrong figure was mistakenly reported to payroll by district administration. 

Also, the district FINALLY agreed with OEA that their calculations for the salary increase based on the state revenue to the district was incorrect. That figure was off by .02%.

It is quite astonishing that OUSD cannot correctly apply the actual increase in a simple and timely manner, but that is the case with their beleaguered and inefficient IFAS system.

While the .04% owed is a small amount, it is money that is due and money that will be paid to OEA members. It is likely we will have that amount added to the off schedule one time check due to members in July

We all agree that building a solid foundation for growth in social, academic, and motor skills is critical for our students. And critical to that effort are the professionals providing quality pre-kindergarten experiences in our Early Childhood Education programs.
OEA and OUSD agreed to only bargain the article specific to the ECE programs this year. That important work will be informed by the members of the ECE programs. 
ECE teachers are urged to attend one of the sessions on January 12 to inform the OEA Bargaining Team of their issues and priorities.
Read more here.

A perfect opportunity to contribute to your union and earn extra cash!

Applications being accepted for
OEA Webmaster

Are you a savvy communicator with website content management and web development skills who has a passion for public education and labor unions? Become Oakland Education Association's new Webmaster!  OEA's website needs to be regularly updated and improved to better serve as a one-stop-shop for the most current information for members and the public. Time commitment will be 3-5 hrs/week. Pay would be $300/month. Preference in hiring will be given to current OEA members. 
Application here.


Join the Catastrophic Leave Bank!

At least three times a year a member who is ill and is close to
running out of sick leave wants to know what will happen if their sick leave runs out. I have the horrible task of informing them that their health benefits may cease as well as their pay because they did not join the catastrophic leave bank that could continue their sick leave status. Don't let that be you! Sign up for the Catastrophic Leave if you have 21 sick days of credit. It is worth the investment. If you are not sure, you can sign up again. No additional days will be taken if, when processed, it is found you have already contributed.

Download Catastrophic Form here.