Welcome to WriteSpace: A Resource Site for AP English Language and Composition Teachers

What is the WriteSpace? 

Here you will find a literal and conceptual "tool box" for all that is "write" in the AP English Language and Composition class. From novice to expert, student to teacher, humanist to scientist, you will find that I have attempted to anticipate your composition needs. 

To play on Dr. Seuss's Green Eggs and Ham preposition lesson, this site is for those who are inside, outside, and upside down. Come explore!

Who am I?

I am a college writing and rhetoric faculty member, a writing center director, an AP consultant, a table leader, an empirical researcher, a memorist, etc. who hails from Oakland University in Rochester, Michigan. 

I maintain this site as a resource for my many colleagues across the nation. For more about me, please see my biography at "About Sherry Wynn Perdue."

Navigation Questions?  

If you are new to this site, you will  discover that in addition to pages devoted to specific content/genres, I create a page for each summer and a subpage for each APSI location as needed. Each page is organized like a file cabinet. Main pages are listed in the navigation to the left. All pages are also listed in the footer under "Subpages."

If you have attended one of my workshops and have something to share, please forward it to me. I will ensure that your name and credentials as well as the terms of use are clearly included on the resource. Many of the resources I archive have been generated within a session or by a conscientious teacher like you.

If you cannot find something that you expect or you would like to make a suggestion, just contact me at wynn@oakland.edu.

Sherry Wynn Perdue, Ph.D.
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