Prof. Rawashdeh's Office Hours:    Immediately after classes and by appointment. Additional hours are posted on office door.
Office Location:                                446 Engineering Center (EC)
Email for appointments:                   rawashd2 at oakland dot edu

The following are past, present, and upcoming course taught by Prof. Rawashdeh with the assistance of lab members at Oakland University. Course websites are hosted on the internal OU moodle system.
  • ECE 6760: Fault-Tolerant Computing
  • ECE 5732: Mixed-Signal Embedded Systems
  • ECE 4720/5720: Microprocessor-Based System Design
  • EGR 2800: Design and Analysis of Electromechanical Systems
  • EGR 2400: Intro to Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • ECE 4990: Senior Design
Courses taught at the University of Kentucky Jan. 2006 -  Jul. 2007:
  • EE 222: Circuits Laboratory I
  • EE 280: Design of Logic Circuits
  • EE 281: Logic Design Laboratory
  • EE 383: Intro to Embedded Systems - new course