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Food Safety

Food Inc., official trailer (2:16)

Corporate agriculture; consumer protection; government regulation.


RFID chip commercial (1:02)

Surveillance technologies; privacy versus convenience; e-business. 

YouTube Video

Identity theft

Tiger Woods was the victim of identity theft (2:26)

Cybercrime; privacy; media and celebrities.

YouTube Video

Environment / energy

Israel electric cars (2:19)

Global warming; electric vehicles; alternative energies and transportation.

Gun control

Gun free zones (1:57)

2nd amendment; causes of violent crimes; gun lobby.

War Spending

Cost of war (1:46)

Shrinking cities, vacant land, urban farming
Detroit urban farming (3:03)

Detroit - Building a Green City (3:12)

Overseas manufacturing of US goods
iphone made in china (0:33)

Social networking and privacy 
Social networking sites and privacy (2:39)

Permission  (1:08)

Questions to students

  • What are the major concepts?
  • Minor concepts?
  • What questions does this video make you think of?

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