Previous Customers

Here are some people that have enjoyed my handwound pickups:

My pickups have gone in these guitars... just to name a few:
Fender Partsocaster - Nic Bongers
Epiphone SG - Joseph Frezzato (MI) - Dead Sea Electronics - The Octopus
Heritage H-150 - Brent Henderson (MI) - Guitar Collector
Handmade solidbodys - Mark Weninger (MI) - Weninger Guitar Works
60's Rickenbacker Bass Pickup repair - Mark Weninger (MI)
60's Silvertone Pickup repair - Mark Weninger (MI)
Gibson Les Paul Studio Lite - Eric McGuire (WI) - Guitar player
Flying V Saga guitar kit - Christopher Dees (AR) - Dees & Friends
Les Paul TV - Kurt Calder (WI) - Party of Clowns
Gibson Les Paul - "Spider" (NY)
P-90 Gibson Guitar - Cameron Nichoson (CA)
Gibson Les Paul Custom 25th Anniversary - Tom Bongers (WI) - Bikers for Christ
ESP Flying V - Nic Bongers
Gibson Explorer - Nic Bongers
Custom Strat copy - Dennis Shepherd (WI) - The Electric Handshake
Fender Fat Strat w/Allparts neck - Dave Davies (MI)
Epiphone Sheraton - Dan Arnold (MI)

REPAIR HISTORY (updated yearly)
1967 Fender Tele bridge pickup
1960's Gibson Firebird Mini Humbuckers
1970's Fender P-Bass Pickup
1990's Gibson Nighthawk middle single coil
1972 Fender Wide Range Reissue Pickups mod
1960's Kay Speed Demon Speedbump Pickups
1960's Matsumok P90
70's Hofner humbucker
Seymour Duncan SH-4 J humbucker