Nic Bongers started winding electric guitar pickups in 2010. After extensive research, he has come up with a way to consistently make guitar pickups with unique personality and tone. Pickups are wound individually to customer's own specifications/preferences, or by our recommendation. All the pickups Great Lakes Guitar Pickups have a 7 day re-wind or money-back satisfaction guarantee. Great Lakes Guitar Pickups is based out of Rochester Hills, Michigan USA

Contact us if you have a dead pickup. We can get it back to working coniditon, and as close to original spec as possible.
High quality, and the most fair prices you'll find...

  • Humbucker, single-coil, tele, or P-90 pickup
  • MAGNET: A2, A4, A5, A8
  • Wire: 42 poly, 42 enamel, 43 poly, 46 poly coated
  • Potted: Wax or Poly sealer
  • two or four conductor leads
  • Humbucker option to cover in nickel, chrome, or gold
  • maple or plastic humbucker spacer
    • stock pickup & import pickup rewinds
    • magnet swaps
    • broken pickup rewind/repair (including vintage pickups)
    Please email or call for pricing. I do this for a hobby, and prices come from parts + time + shipping. You'll find this price exponentially lower than most boutique and commercial pickup companies.

    What does handwound mean?
    Handwound pickups mean the only thing a machine does in the process is spin the pickup bobbin. The human fingers provide the winding pattern and also the tension on the wire. It's been said that machines that wind pickups with a tensioner and a traverse are good at replicating pickups by the 1000's, but they don't sound very good. Handwound pickups, some call "'scatter-winding" vary in winding pattern from pickup to pickup, and it's virtually impossible to keep a constant exact tension on the wire. It has been found that the error of the human hand in pattern and tension are what gives pickups their distinct personality. While resistance in ohms can be the same, the personality of the pickup can still be different.
    Aside from these aspects, all a guitar pickup really is - is a bobbin, wire, and a magnet.

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