Algebra/Algebraic Geometry

The Algebra/Algebraic Geometry Group at Oakland University is involved in research in  computational algebra, computational algebraic geometry, invariant theory, moduli spaces, singularity theory, etc. 

We have a regular seminar in algebra and offer many advanced graduate courses in algebra, algebraic geometry, algebraic number theory, computational algebra, coding theory etc.   For a detailed description of these courses please see the links below.  

We have helped organize the yearly conference Michigan Computational Algebraic Geometry  (MCAG)  and our faculty and graduate students are regular participants in MCAG, SIAM Algebraic Geometry Activity Group, and organize regular national and international conferences. 


Graduate Students

Former visitors and friends

The following people have visited and given talks in our algebra seminar:
  • Artur Elezi  (American University)
  • Harm Derksen (University of Michigan)
  • Charles Wampler (GM R&D)
  • Vladimir Tonchev (MIchigan Tech. )
  • Ivan Soprunov  (Clevaland State)
  • Daniel Erman  (University of Michigan)
  • Yusuf Mustopa (Univ. of Michigan)
  • Eustrat Zhupa (RISAT)
  • Cynthia Vinzant (University of Michigan)


Charles Cheng

Charles Cheng
Office: SEB 454
Office Phone: 248-370-3444
Email: cheng AT oakland DOT edu

Tony Shaska
Tony Shaska
Office: SEB 546
Office Phone: 248-370-3436
Email: shaska AT oakland DOT edu