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Become a Member of OFSCA

To become a member of the Oakland-Fukuoka Sister City Association (OFSCA), you must submit your annual membership dues to support our organization's activities. If you would like to meet our Board of Directors and members and get a sense of our activity before joining, please join one of our monthly General Meetings, email us at for more information, or attend one of our public events in the city!

OFSCA also has a number of volunteer opportunities ranging from monthly commitments to occasional or one-time activities that we welcome everyone to join.

All are welcome to join! We welcome residents of Oakland (and surrounding cities), those who have lived/worked/traveled in Fukuoka or Japan, alumni of the JET Program, those with an interest in Japanese culture, people-to-people exchanges, and more. Our members range from families and K-12 students to university students, and adults of all ages. Many of our members remain involved in OFSCA for decades, and have made lifelong friends as part of our exchange programs, community activities, and volunteer opportunities.

How to Submit Membership Dues

Dues are payable to the Oakland Fukuoka Sister City Association. Please fill out and return the form attached at the bottom of this page in PDF and Word formats (scroll all the way down).

You can pay the dues online via PayPal's secure site using a credit card (be sure to choose "Membership" as the designation AND send us a copy of your membership form to or mail your dues with a personal check to:

Oakland Fukuoka Sister City Association
P.O. Box 13022
Oakland CA 94661-3022

2022-23 OFSCA Membership Form

Need assistance? Contact or call Liane Scott at the contact on the form.

2022-23 Membership Dues

When joining OFSCA or renewing your annual membership, please select the dues tier for you or your family/organization:

  • Student: $10

  • Individual: $35

  • Family: $50

  • Business: $100

  • Corporate: $200

Additional Contributions: Support OFSCA Beyond Membership

If you are able to make a donation to OFSCA in addition to annual membership, we are deeply grateful for your support of our activities. Select your level:

  • Acorn: $15

  • Oak Tree: $30

  • Lake Merritt: $50

  • Jack London: $100

  • Frank Ogawa: $500

California-Japan Sister Cities Network

OFSCA is a member of the California-Japan Sister Cities Network.

California-Japan Sister Cities Network (CJSCN) provides support to the sister city and friendship city relationships between California and Japan to nurture and cultivate long-lasting international relationships. Through its activities of enhancing and strengthening these relationships, CJSCN will promote peace and prosperity.

As of January 2021, there are 108 cities in the state of California that have a sister city or friendship city relationship with a city in Japan. Although each of these relationships is unique, the communities, organizations and individuals involved in the growth and development of these relationships encounter many of the same hurdles and triumphs. CJSCN strives to be a go-to resource for these aspects we have in common, whether it is gathering ideas for fundraising, connecting to new support networks, or even just making new friends who share the same interests in cultural exchange and peace.

Sister Cities International (SCI)

Sister Cities International (SCI) is a nonprofit international organization of volunteers who facilitate exchanges and function as protocol representatives for their respective cities. The Oakland-Fukuoka Sister City Association (OFSCA) has had an official Sister City relationship since 1962, one of the oldest in the United States, and the oldest in Oakland.

Individual members as well as corporations, associations, businesses, educational institutions and individuals are also invited to join the SCI network. Membership with SCI is the best way for your community or organization to establish meaningful and lasting global connections. SCI opens doors to the world, enhancing quality of life through educational exchanges, business development opportunities and information sharing on issues such as technology, healthcare, and the environment. It is your support that keeps this association going.