Welcome to First Grade!!!

My name is Brandi Brichacek (Bri-ka-check all vowels are short) I go by Ms. B.  This will be my tenth year teaching first grade here at Oak Grove.  There have been many changes to what is expected of students in every grade.  I want you to know I do my best to prepare each student for the future.  Please know I can’t do it alone.  Education is a team effort.  It requires teachers, parents, grandparents, babysitters; well hopefully you get my point.  It takes everyone in children’s lives to teach them.  Learning is, well can be, everywhere.  Life experiences are the best teaching tool there is, we just have to be aware of those moments and use them.  The following is an overview of what to expect through the year.


Snacks:  I will let you know specific dates and times when decided.

First grade does snacks regularly during the first quarter only.  We will go a little bit into the second quarter to allow everyone to bring twice. Birthday snacks are welcomed anytime through the year.  Please let me know beforehand if possible. Drinks are not required.


Halloween: October -Students can bring costume to put on for assembly we will not have a party following. 


Christmas: December-We will not have a party needing food or gifts but student's will be allowed to wear pajamas our last day before Christmas break and we will do a Polar Express day.


Valentine: February Depending on how far we are academically I may request that parents help prepare Valentine boxes at home.  Students will be expected to prepare cards to exchange with classmates (I will send class roster).


Spring: Students will need to bring 10 treat filled eggs( please no chocolate or gum).  If siblings attend and would like to participate just bring the same amount of treat filled eggs you allow them to find.


I am more than happy to turn party planning over to parents.  If you would like to plan a party please let me know.  Text 918-760-6371 or email bbrichacek@oakgrove.k12.ok.us me with the party you would like to plan or help with.



We will have at least one field trip during the year.(to be announced)


We will participate in a Veterans Day/ Freedom Week (November) and Christmas (December) school wide program.


We will have a book fair twice this year.


Rise and Shine assembly will tentatively be held the first Friday of the month at 8:00.  Parents are welcome to attend.


End of year awards assembly :( date and time to be announced)

First grade will receive awards for: 


Top Speller(s)

Math facts mastery of addition and subtraction

Creative writing (story content)


AR points

State Superintendents Reading Award (read 25 books)

Perfect attendance

Citizenship (Hard worker, good attitude, prepared/ responsible, help others, etc…)

(Please note this is a tentative list, I may not award all and/or I may add a few more.)


I will send home Scholastic book orders occasionally.  If you would like to order online my number is GPHDL, this will give credit to our class for free books.


Please save box tops and Sunny D labels.


Wish List:

I do not have a specific “Teacher Wish List” however I am working on a Donors Choose grant that I would love to get funded. I will let you know when it is up if you would like to donate.  I also love the Teacher Pay Teacher store, gift cards to this will always be used & appreciated.


Physical Education:

I will not be teaching PE this year Coach Dowdy will be every students PE teacher.  Any questions or concerns can be addressed to him.  If there is anything he needs to know about your child’s health please contact him at jdowdy@oakgrove.k12.ok.us or call the school (918)352-2889.

PE, please send a clean pair of shoes to be worn for PE. 


Your child will be allowed to check out library books from the school library.  Please make sure they are returned no later than the one week from Tuesday(All library books need to return every Tuesday)

I have a classroom library that is used immensely.  I do not have any kind of system besides the “Honor System” that they will be returned.  Please remind your child that taking care of  ALL books helps them last longer and allows  others to enjoy.  I WILL ENCOUAGE STUDENTS TO TAKE BOOKS EVERYDAY!!!!  Besides eventually bringing home a reading text book your child should be either bringing home library books from school or reading books from home. READ, READ, READ

Computer lab.

Students will be working on the programs Math Facts, Reading Eggs, Math Seeds, and taking assessments during their time at computers.

Computer programs:

AR-Renaissance home connect: this year your child will be expected to read and take AR test.  This is a great recourse for teachers and parents to see how well comprehension is taking place.  PLEASE if possible use this resource.  I have included the information you need in your child’s folder.  Besides seeing your child’s AR activity your child can also practice math facts. 

Reading Eggs & Math Seeds:

Your child can access this program for home use.  Please take the time to observe your child’s progress.  Please note, helping your child is acceptable but doing the activities for them is counterproductive.  If the activity is just too difficult they can move back up to previous levels.


Classroom Management:

I will be using Class Dojo this year.  I am sending home parent information.  Please register!


Homework: Every night your child will be expected to practice sight words, read and or be read to for 10 -20 minutes.  Tuesday and Thursday there will be supplemental work (Since we are now working on a 4 day week schedule this may change.  Supplemental homework will start after Labor Day).  Please note that if your child does not complete daily assignments during class those assignments may be sent home to be completed on top of supplemental.


I look forward to having a great year.  Thank you in advance for sharing your wonderful child with me.

Ms. B