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The Day Beau Changed his name to Wiley Coyote... almost

(from my Facebook Post, December 1st)

Almost lost my dog Beau today.. this story is unbelievable... We were trail running in the Big South Fork today and Beau took off after a flock of turkeys near Crockett Crest. The turkeys ran towards a cliff that overlooks a 40 foo
t drop, and of course, they launched from the cliff into the air. BEAU ALSO LAUNCHED FROM THE CLIFF, and landed in the fork of a tree about 3 feet below cliff edge. IT WAS THE ONLY TREE ON THAT CLIFF LINE FOR 50 YARDS IN EITHER DIRECTION. When I went back (heard him wimpering) he was caught right in front of his hips, but he was struggling to free himself. If he had, he would have fallen on the rocks 40 feet below.

I couldn't go for help... he would have wriggled free by the time I got back. I laid on the cliff edge, with my other dog Bella sitting on my legs, and reached out and down over the cliff. I could barely reach Beau's tail; his head was another 18-24 inches below. I managed to get a small grip on some tail hair, then finally the tip of his tail. I pulled back, and freed him from the fork, then had to wriggle back away from the cliff edge on my stomach, then finally pulled him up back to safety.

We ran the two miles back home, but strangely, Beau never left my side on the return. Mmmm. Go figure. ;)

(P.S. Those aren't marijuana leaves over the cliff edge, they're magnolia leaves, 12" in diameter, at the ravine bottom)