Sure, digital photographers are a dime-a-dozen.   Digital camera prices have come down so much that every soccer dad in 3 counties now considers himself a "professional photographer."  Here at Trail Guide Photography (TGP), we offer a unique photographic experience that you won't find anywhere on the Cumberland Plateau... or elsewhere.

TGP gives you the chance to have your photo shoot in the wild of the Big South Fork National River & Recreation Area.  Our guides/photographers know every inch of the park, and can guide you to the tallest waterfalls, the coolest rock houses, and the wildest river runs.   We'll pick you up in our gooseneck trailer or meet you at the trailhead.  After a leisurely ride to the venue of your choice, we'll set up our cameras, lights & equipment and do the photoshoot in surroundings that no other photo company can match.

We Offer Three Levels of Service:

$100 - Guided tour to one of the locations detailed below.  Our guides know the history, back-stories and safest routes.  The $100 Guided Tour gets you there, including the Kentucky side of the Big South Fork, probably the prettiest riding in the BSF.  Three riders or less, we can pick you up.  Larger groups we can meet you at or lead you to the trail head.

$200 - Guided tour to one of the locations below, plus we pack in our professional camera equipment.  We will shoot all day during the ride:  casuals, posed, in the waterfalls, under the arches, you name it, we shoot it.  After the ride we'll send you a CD with all shots (300+) in digital JPG format.  They are yours to keep, print, share on Facebook, etc.

$300 - Same as the $200 option, except we enhance, crop and Photoshop the pictures.  We'll print out some of the best and give you two CD's;  one with the digital negatives and one with the enhanced, print-ready pics.


O&W Bridge Hike, 6 miles.

Timber Ridge, 11 miles

Station Camp, 12 miles

Cumberland Falls (KY)

Wildcat, Proctor, Darrow Ridge, 12 miles

Bear Creek (KY) and Blue Heron Mining Camp, 10 miles

Link to the Long C Ride, Summer 2013

Or create your own.  We ride gaited, so we can go as fast and as far as you want.