Porto, Portugal

Our Action in Porto

Workshop with students from various faculties of the University of Porto 
Friday 4th of December 2009

Warming up and brainstorming with words and phrase association
Human Rights    Morals      Character     Personality
Religion         Family       Society       Peers 
Step 1 Thinking
Defining questions that fit our thoughts 
Do I have my human rights ? Are they mine ? Are they really mine ?
What if others take away my rights ? What now ? Are they really mine ?
Rights...right and wrong...striking a balance between my rights and those of others. Strking a balance between rights and wrongs.
What taught me right and wrong ? Who ? When ? Am I still learning ?
What does "right" bring to my mind ? and "wrong" ?

Step 2 Jotting
Making statements
From thoughts to words. Writing when sitting.
Step 3 ScriptRIGHTing
Turning statements into script
From words to statements for a video product
Writing when standing
Step 4 Styling
Choosing the style and backdrop for my video
Does the style say anything about me and about what I say ?
Not necessarily : choosing what fits for my video
Step 5 Shooting
Shooting in working groups of four
Working with others with minimum equipment

The Rights Perspective videos produced in Porto will be posted on the video gallery as soon as editing is done in the days following the workshop

Information about The Rights Perspective friends in Porto will soon be posted here.

The Rights Perspective team in Portugal

Antoine Gambin

Co-Founder of Opportunities Aid Foundation and responsible for the International Cooperation and Project Management of the Foundation.

In The Rights Perspective Antoine is responsible for general coordination and delivery of training content and mentoring of participants as well as the implementation of active dissemination and exploitation of results of the project.

Antoine is a lawyer with a particular interest on human rights issues. He has extensive experience in project management, networking and strategic branding development of concepts. He has a background in publishing and events management in education and culture.

Maria Aguiar Lopes Pinto

Maria is from the Universidade do Porto. She has been working in different areas at the university of Porto, all related with multimedia and education. In the last year is responsible for the cultural and activities at the elearning café, a new and special space for the higher education community.

She is also involved with national and international projects such as “Internetwork” and “Learning human rights - past and present”, “Circle of events” and organizing a variety of events that bring together different areas, emphasizing the importance of multidisciplinarity and having technology as support for most of them.