July 2009 : Production of Good Quality AV's for Education and Dissemination

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WORKSHOP for educators, teacher trainers, starters in the Production and Use of audiovisuals for teaching, eLearning and dissemination in education projects

This workshop will impart start up skills for pre production, production and post production of good quality audiovisual materials for those professionals in education who do not need to become specialists in scriptwriting, direction and editing but who use audiovisuals as their tools. Participants will learn how to use the video camera and software that is readily available in order that they can make video clips for or with their students in their teaching or training process. This workshop is an excellent opportunity for coordinators or persons responsible for the dissemination activities of EU projects or Education activities within their school or community who would like to startusing streaming technologies.

The training will be delivered by specialists from Malta and Italy who have experience in training in skills in front of and behind the camera and the management of small audiovisual projects. They will facilitate indoor and outdoor workshops using magnificent backdrops that only Tuscany can offer. Each participant will work on a personal project in a cooperative learning environment so that one can learn with others and from the experience of different contexts and production situations and best production practices and tips.

Day 1
0900 - 1000 Introduction of participants and methodology
1030 - 1230 Brief assessment of audiences : language and visuals that appeal to different groups.
1400 - 1600 Technologies and equipment : management of resources

Day 2
0900 - 1030 Team building and introduction to different skills required for audiovisual production
1100 - 1300 Storyboard and script writing
1430 - 1700 Project work start up

Day 3
0900 - 1200 Techniques for reading and speaking in front of the camera
1400 - 1700 Filming indoors and outdoors

Day 4
0900 - 1100 Downloading and uploading : basic use of editing software
1130 - 1330 Differences between documentary and commentary : editing and voice over
1500 - 1900 On site filming and excursion

Day 5
0900 - 1330 Editing and finishing
1500 - 1700 Editing and finishing : creative licence
1830 - 1930 Conclusion

This Workshop was on the Grundtvig 3 training database enabling participants to request funding scholarships under the LifeLongLearning Programme.