Monday, April 6, is a snow make up day. Full day of school.

Take a look at Mr. Tussey's brand new O-M Guidance Twitter.  It will help you stay up to date with ACT tests, scholarships, financial aid, college information, college rep visits and other valuable information.  It currently has information on scholarships due in March and ACT test information.


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REMINDER - All Wednesday dismissals are 2:15

Parents!  We want your thoughts on the most important meal of the day - that's right, breakfast!  Help us improve school breakfast at Orient-Macksburg by taking a few minutes to fill out this short online survey from the Iowa Department of Education.  Click here

Jewel of a School Interviews

Jewel of a School Interviews.


Our Mission:
The Orient-Macksburg Community School District will:

*Align instruction with Iowa Core Curriculum
*Differentiate instruction to better meet Student needs
*Incorporate 21st Century skills to develop productive citizens (technology)
*Foster interpersonal relationship, self-esteem, and resiliency