A HUGE thank you to the O-M students, parents, staff, and community members who participated in any way in the Troops Care Package Drive. Extra thanks to the O-M PTO, Keri Carson and Pizza Ranch, and to Ashley Ross, Teresa Thompson, Linda Caviness, Samantha Thompson, Amanda Donahoo, Renee Sammons, Tracey Gray, Kelli Goodale, Katie Walter, Hayli Shinn, Hailee Trichel, Mattie Thompson, Elizabeth Browning, and Laura Stearns for helping sort everything and pack the boxes. To the ones who so graciously donated money for postage, thank you! To Julie at the Orient post office, and Bob at the Creston post office, thank you for all your help and kindness. We were able to ship 230 lbs. of snacks, candy, drink mixes, decks of cards, wet wipes, hand sanitizers, lens cleaners, and sauce packets to 3 different Iowa based military units currently deployed overseas. And students wrote cards and letters to add to the boxes to be delivered in time for Christmas. Thank you ALL, it means so much more than you may realize!

The PTO will be having a used book sale at the school on Sat. Dec. 3rd during the Vendor Fair. If you have any books you would like to donate you may drop them off at school by Friday, Dec. 2nd.


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Jewel of a School Interviews

Jewel of a School Interviews.


Our Mission:
The Orient-Macksburg Community School District will:

*Align instruction with Iowa Core Curriculum
*Differentiate instruction to better meet Student needs
*Incorporate 21st Century skills to develop productive citizens (technology)
*Foster interpersonal relationship, self-esteem, and resiliency

There is a NEW SECURITY SYSTEM at school that some of you may already be familiar with. All visitors must enter through the west elementary doors. Our new system has a push button for you to alert the office and a live camera feed will show us who is at the door. The person in the office will unlock it and you will be asked to go to the office to sign in. It is really very simple to use and we at O-M are pleased to provide more safety for our students and staff. Thank you all for your cooperation and support.