New Zealand Aid Over Time

New Zealand Aid All Countries

Aid amounts are in million New Zealand dollars inflation adjusted to 2010.

Every dot on this chart is a country that received at least some country allocatable New Zealand Aid between 2002 and 2011. The size of the dot reflects the country's size.
The Y Axis shows aid amounts (advanced users: if you are familiar with Log scales try changing the scale from Lin (linear) to Log; this will give you a better sense of movements
amongst countries receiving smaller amounts.)

The X Axis shows year (sorry about the annoying commas in the year values - I can't fix this).

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Hold your mouse over a dot to see what country it is. Click on a dot to select a particular country. Select several countries by putting ticks next to their names in the square boxes to the right of the chart.

Aid data comes from the OECD DAC's Table 2a. It is aid country allocatable disbursement data. Disbursement means money we actually gave. Country allocatable means that we may have given more to these countries through multi-lateral or regional aid, that was not specifically allocated to them when given -- aid shown here is just that which was specifically earmarked the stated countries (confusingly it may have still actually been given via a multi-lateral, so it is not simply bilateral aid). It has been converted to NZD using OECD exchange rates and converted to inflation adjusted 2010 NZD using OECD inflation data (thank you Tim H for your help with this!). Population data comes from the World Bank's World Development Indicators. Although for some smaller states it comes from the UN Data website or from the SPC's prism database (and Wikipedia or the CIA Fact book for Wallis and Fortuna and a couple of other Pacific Micro States).

Please note that these charts are BETA -- I've double checked the workings but can not guarantee everything is correct. If you spot errors please feel free to let us know.

New Zealand Aid (Limited to Pacific Countries) Over Time

Chart 2

Aid amounts are in million New Zealand dollars inflation adjusted to 2010.

This chart is the same as the chart above, except that it is limited to Pacific Countries.

New Zealand Aid by Sector

Aid By Sector

Aid amounts are in million New Zealand dollars inflation adjusted to 2010.

This chart is the same as the previous two (inflation adjusted aid 2010 NZD on the Y axis, years on the X axis) except that each dot represents a sector. It comes from the OECD
DACs DAC 5 table (and isn't that just one of your favourite tables!). The size of the dots in this case reflects aid (so the same information as on the Y Axis).

Long Run Aid Trends

X axis is year. Y axis is ODA to GNI ratio. Data from OECD DAC. Put a tick in the box that says "NZ" to get tails. Ignore the box that says "Other". Red = Labour Government
Blue = National Government. Green/Yellow = Election.

ODA/GNI Over Time

More Information

These charts were inspired by Gapminder.

The Google Docs Spreadsheet containing the data used in these charts can be accessed here.

Some information on how to use Google motion charts is here, here and here.