Papers Available to DownloadTorrey Shineman

Peer Reviewed Publications:

  • If You Mobilize Them, They Will Become Informed: Experimental Evidence that Information Acquisition is Endogenous to the Costs and Incentives to Participate". British Journal of Political Science (forthcoming). Published online November 23rd 2106. DOI:
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Articles in Progress:

·       “A Field Experiment Mobilizing Convicted Felons Through Intensive Personal Appeals”
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·       “Does Exogenously Driven Participation Increase Trust in Government?”
Revising - Draft Coming Soon

  • "Isolating the Effect of Compulsory Voting on Political Sophistication: Leveraging Intra-National Variation in Mandatory Voting Laws Across the Austrian Provinces, 1969 - 2004"
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    ·       “Racist Attitudes Are Decreasing Support for Felon Voting Rights” (with Jon Hurwitz). 
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    ·       “Compulsory Voting as Compulsory Balloting: How Mandatory Balloting Laws Increase Informed Voting Without Increasing Uninformed Voting”
    Revising - Draft Coming Soon

    ·       “High Participation Costs Encourage Extremist Participation and Discourage Participation from Moderates: A Model and a Lab Experiment”
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    Non-Peer Reviewed Publications and Media Posts:
    · Shineman,Victoria. Interview with WESA (90.5), Pittsburgh’s NPR Station, “What Really Motivates Someone to Vote?”, April 26th 2016.

    ·       Shineman,Victoria. 2013. “Methods for Using Surveys to Estimate Behavioral Effects”. The Experimental Political Scientist, Spring 2013, Pages 16–25

    ·       Shineman,Victoria. 2013. “Incentivizing Participation Would Increase Voter Turnout *and* Political Information”. The Monkey Cage, November 6th, 2012

    ·       Shineman,Victoria. 2011. “More on Mandatory Voting, Which Does *Not* Necessarily Make Electorate Less Informed”. The Monkey Cage, November 28th, 2011: