Victoria Shineman

Assistant Professor
Department of Political Science
University of Pittsburgh

shineman (at)

I am currently an Assistant Professor in the Department of Political Science at the University of PittsburghI received my Ph.D. in Politics from New York University in February 2013, and was a Visiting Scholar at Princeton University during the 2012 - 2013 academic year. 

My substantive research interests are diverse, and continue to grow. My primary research interests are political behavior, electoral institutions, and experimental methods. My research centers on the acquisition of information, formation of public opinion, and the decision to engage in different levels of political participation. I am interested in identifying the micro-foundations of each of these processes, as well as isolating how culture, predispositions, and preferences are filtered through institutional constraints. I pursue this research agenda through both theoretical and empirical methods, with a focus on experimental research.

My dissertation argues that decreasing costs (or increasing incentives) to participate will also motivate citizens to invest in the acquisition of political information and informed voting. I pursue this argument through multiple methods, including two theoretical models, a statistical analysis comparing the varied use of compulsory voting across the Austrian provinces, a laboratory experiment randomizing non-participation penalties in a 2-stage voting game, and a field experiment integrating two experimental treatments within a panel survey completed by 349 participants before and after the 2011 San Francisco Municipal Election.

My research is motivated by a genuine theoretical fascination. I enjoy identifying and solving puzzles, and learning how things work. I also have a sincere interest in improving the structure of government, within the United States and around the world, and I hope that my research can help to inform the creation and revision of public policy.

This website presents a summary of my past and current research projects, as well as a description of my teaching experience and interests. Please contact me with any further questions.

Torrey Shineman