HA Messianic messages

These images were color enhanced to highlight details, but otherwise unaltered. All details remain.
All images were formed from dehydrating HA fragments. These images show the resurrection and the throne room for a victorious Messiah. The fourth image on the left shows the four living creatures around the throne as described in Ezekiel chapters  1 and 10 and Revelation chapter 4 can be seen in the HA crystal matrix. The right side of the image shows what looks like the  throne  of God. Those who know the scriptures should be able to see Mary, Baby Jesus and an adult Jesus in the Holy Place on the left. The last three images on the right are equally stunning. First we see the entire cherubim and his wings. People of God can clearly see in the cherubim's top right wing, the layout of the Hebrew temple and how the blood offering by the high priests and the prayers of the priests bind the hands of Satan. In the top left wing, we see the Satan kicked out of heaven and the the wicked one standing near the entrance to hell.