anne Kranjac McIntosh
Clinical Professor
NYU Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences
Computer Science Department
Affiliated Professor, NYU Center for Data Science
Email: mcintosh [AT]

Regarding Letter of Recommendation (LOR) requests for academic years 2020-2021 and 2021-2022: I regret that I have reached the maximum number of LORs I can write. Please contact your other professors to obtain LORs for graduate school or employment.


Suzanne McIntosh is a Clinical Associate Professor at New York University Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, and is affiliated with NYU Center for Data Science. Most recently, she was a technology consultant with Cloudera, and previously worked at IBM T. J. Watson Research Center where she led cross-disciplinary research teams in virtualization, data center energy optimization, and security research. Prior to IBM Research, Suzanne developed software for mobile base stations at Lucent, and firmware for GPS satellites and secure battlefield communications for US DoD, UK MoD, and NATO forces.

After earning B.S. and M.S. degrees in Computer Science, Suzanne graduated with an Engineer Degree in Computer Engineering from Stevens Institute of Technology in 2000. Her advisor was Dr. Stuart K. Tewksbury, Chair of the Computer Science Department at Stevens. She is an inventor with patents in security and virtualization technologies for which her teams were awarded two IBM Research Invention Plateau awards and three IBM Research Technical Accomplishment Awards. Suzanne is a Senior Member of IEEE and ACM, has chaired the IEEE-NY Computer Society, and is currently VP of Society of Women Engineers-NY. Suzanne serves on the ABET board and was recently appointed to the ABET Global Council. She is a STEM mentor active with the Society of Women Engineers (SWE) and New York Academy of Sciences (NYAS).

At NYU...

Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences Positions
    • Clinical Associate Professor, January 2017 - Present
    • Visiting Professor, January 2017 - September 2017
    • Adjunct Professor, September 2013 - January 2017

Tandon School of Engineering Positions
    • Adjunct Professor, September 2014 - January 2017

Graduate Curricula Developed
    • Realtime and Big Data Analytics (Apache Hadoop ecosystem)
    • Programming for Big Data Analytics (Apache Hadoop ecosystem)
    • Big Data Application Development (Apache Spark ecosystem)
    • Contributor, Huston-Tillotson University Big Data analytics and Machine Learning curricula through the NYU Scholar-in-Residence program.
    • Introduction to Cognitive Systems (in progress, collaboration with FatBrain)

Undergraduate Curricula Developed:
    • Processing Big Data for Analytics Applications
    • Introduction to Computer Science

Exploratory Teams for New Academic Programs:
    • Joint Computer Science and Data Science Program
    • Data Science Major Program
    • Data Science Minor Program

    • Best Adjunct Professor Award - NYU Tandon School of Engineering (2016)
    • Honored to be nominated for NYU Courant Samuel L. Marateck Prize for Outstanding Teaching in Computer Science (2018)

Working with Students
    • Advisor - NYU Courant MS Innovation Fellows (2014-2018)
      • Library Usage Analytics by P. Boppana
      • ApartmentGrid, a Big Data tool for finding the ideal apartment by Y. Feng, O. Solmazer,  V. Kamath
      • SimpleMR, a tool in support of medical research by D. Levy
      • Campus movement patterns and building utilization analytic using connection WAP connection logs by K. Nobahar

    • Advisor - Student Independent Research Projects
      • A Volumetric Correlational Analysis on the Influences of Reddit Activity on Bit Coin Movement. By Derick Chen. (NYU Courant)
      • Vulnerability Trend Analytics: A bug hunter’s perspective by V. Nallanichakravartula (NYU Tandon)
      • Crime category prediction using San Francisco crime data by IRajendrababu and S. Sridhar (NYU Tandon)
      • RosyRecommends: Collaborative Filter Analysis of Listening Behavior with User Similarity Metrics based on Timbral Clusters by A. Joi and J. Hsu (NYU Courant)

    • Selected Co-author/Advisor - Student Publications (refereed)
      • Implementing a Domain-Independent Framework to Detect Suspicious Review Patterns. Diwen Xue, Willie Ye, Yueping Wang, and Suzanne McIntosh. Los Angeles, CA. IEEE BigData 2019, December 2019.
      • Deal or No Deal: Predicting Mergers and Acquisitions at Scale. Ryan Moriarty, Howard Ly, Ellie Lan, and Suzanne McIntosh. Los Angeles, CA. IEEE BigData 2019 - 3rd International Workshop on Big Data for Financial News and Data. December 2019.
      • Best Paper: Geek Talents: Who are the Top Experts on GitHub and Stack Overflow?, Yijun Tian, Waii Ng, Jialiang Cao, and Suzanne McIntosh. July 2019, International Conference on AI and Security (ICAIS'19).
      • A Relationship Between Fines and Violent Crimes. S Smith, K Gangopadhyay, SS Gill, S McIntosh. Bamberg, Germany. IEEE Fourth International Conference on Big Data Service 2018.
      • Analyzing Cross-domain Transportation Big Data of New York City with Semi-supervised and Active Learning. H Sun, S McIntosh, S Zhou, W Liang, J Li, JU Kim, R Wang, M Shen, Y Li, et al. CMC, 2018.
      • Identifying materials of photographic images and photorealistic computer generated graphics based on deep CNNs. Q Cui, HY Sun, S McIntosh. CMC, 2018.
      • Big Data Trip Classification on the New York City Taxi and Uber Sensor Network. H Sun, S Hu, S McIntosh, Y Cao. Journal of Internet Technology, 2018.
      • Preliminary performance analysis of Hadoop 3.0. 0-alpha3. RG Masur, SK Mcintosh. Scientific Data Summit (NYSDS), New York, 2017.
      • Detection of in-progress phone calls using smartphone proximity and orientation sensors. H Sun, S McIntosh, B Li. International Journal of Sensor Networks 25 (2), 2017.
      • Phone Call Detection Based on Smartphone Sensor Data; Real-time Detection of In-Progress Phone Calls Using Smartphone Proximity and Orientation Sensors. H Sun, S McIntosh. International Conference on Cloud Computing and Security, 2016.
      • Big Data Mobile Services for New York City Taxi Riders and Drivers. SMI Huiyu Sun. IEEE Mobile Services 2016 - Mobile Services Visionary Track, IOT Services, 2016.
      • RosyRecommends: Collaborative Filter Analysis of Listening Behavior with User Similarity Metrics based on Timbral Clusters. A. Joi and J. Hsu. Women in Computing and Informatics, 2015.

    • Organizer: Graduate Student Technical Talk on Social Graphs by S. Smith (MS, NYU Courant) et al, Enigma, 26-Sep-2018.
    • Organizer: Graduate Student Technical Talk on Apache HBase By I. Rajendrababu (MS, NYU Tandon), IBM Watson, 8-Nov-2018.

Service to the NYU Community
      • Invited Speaker, NYU Chapter, Society of Women Engineers - SWE (2019)
      • Panelist, NYU Women in Computer Science Research (2018)
      • Women In Science (WINS) Selection Committee (2018-2019 academic year)
      • Mentor, Scholar-In-Residence Program - scholar from Huston-Tillotson University. (2017)

      NYU Recognition
        • Best Adjunct Professor (2016) - NYU Tandon School of Engineering - Computer Science 

      Service to the Scientific Community
        • ABET Global Council (2019-2021)
        • ABET Board Member, Society of Women Engineers (SWE) delegate (2017-2019)
        • IEEE-New York Computer Society Chair (2017-2018)
        • SWE-New York Vice President, Acting President (2018-2019)

      Awards for Research
      • IBM Research: Invention Plateau Awards (2012, 2013)
      • IBM Research: Technical Accomplishment Award, Green Computing Analytics (2013)
      • IBM Research: Technical Accomplishment Award, Virtualization Security (2011)
      • IBM Research: Technical Accomplishment Award, Caernarvon High Assurance OS (2008)

      Awards for Women in STEM
        • Tribute to Women and Industry (1999) - The Tribute to Women and Industry is a prestigious annual award to honor women of achievement who have excelled in their fields and made significant contributions to their organizations and to their communities.

      External Activities ...

          • International Conference on AI and Security (ICAIS'19), Best Paper Award: Geek Talents: Who are the Top Experts on GitHub and Stack Overflow?, Yijun Tian, Waii Ng, Jialiang Cao, and Suzanne McIntosh, July 2019. 
          • International Conference on Autonomic Computing (ICAC), Best Paper Award: Towards Data Center Self-Diagnosis Using a Mobile Robot.
          • Tribute to Women of Influence Award
          • Society of Women Engineers (SWE) NJIT Mentor Award
          • Cloudera: Technical Teamwork Award
          • ITT Corporate Achievement Awards and Awards for Excellence
          • IBM Watson Research
            • Invention Plateau Award II
            • Green Computing Analytics
            • Invention Plateau Award I
            • Virtualization Security
            • Caernarvon High Assurance OS

          • Invited Panelist, SC19 (Supercomputing 2019) Parallel Data Systems Workshop (PDSW'19)
          • Invited Speaker, Google GHC Connect (2018)
          • Invited Speaker, International Women's Day - IAC Apps, Inc. (2018)
          • Chair, IEEE-NY Computer Society
          • ABET Board (2017-2020)
          • ABET Global Council (2019-2021)
          • Guest Editor, IEEE Transactions on Services Computing Big Data Issue, 2017.
          • White House - Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) Public-Private Open Data Collaboration Roundtable (by invitation, 2016)
          • White House - OSTP Roundtable on Open Data Quality (by invitation, 2016)
          • ACM Senior Member
          • IEEE Senior Member
          • Conference and Journal Leadership (by invitation)
            • 2020
              • New York Scientific Data Summit 2020, Organizing Committee
              • Guest Co-editor, CMC Journal Special Issue on Artificial Intelligence and Information Technologies for COVID-19
              • Associate Editor, Computers, Materials, and Continua Journal (CMC)
            • 2019
              • Associate Editor, Computers, Materials, and Continua Journal (CMC)
              • Program Committee Co-Chair, Supercomputing (SC19) - Data Analytics, Visualization, and Storage (DAVS)
              • General Chair, SC19 PDSW - Parallel Data Systems Workshop
              • Steering Committee, SC19 PDSW
              • PC Chair, ICAIS 2019 - International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Security
            • 2018
              • PC Co-Chair, SC18 PDSW-DISCS
              • Panels Chair, Annual Computer Applications Security Conference (ACSAC)

          Service to the Computer Science Community
            • ACM Data Science Task Force
            • Board, ACM SIGHPC - Special Interest Group on High Performance Computing
            • Founder  - ACM SIGHPC-Big Data
            • Vice President, Society of Women Engineers (SWE-NY) - 2017-2019
            • FIRST Robotics NY Regional Competition, SWE Representative (2017-2019)
            • Program Committee Member
              • ACM SIGKDD Knowledge, Discovery, and Data Mining: KDD (2020, 2019, 2018)
              • Grace Hopper Celebration: GHC - Technical Program Committee for Computer Systems Engineering (2020, 2019, 2018)
              • Supercomputing: SC DAVS (PC 2014-2020, Chair 2019)
              • IEEE BigData (2020, 2019)
              • International Supercomputing Conference: ISC (2020, 2019)
              • Cloud Computing Grid: CCGRID (2020, 2019)
              • HPC Asia - Data, Storage and Visualization Track (2020, 2019)
              • Cluster (2020, 2019)
              • Grace Hopper Celebration: GHC - Technical Program Committee for Data Science (2019, 2018)
              • Supercomputing Asia: SCA (2019, 2018)
              • IEEE Big Data Service: BDS (2020, 2019, 2018)
              • MIT Undergraduate Research Technology Conference (2019, 2018)
              • IEEE International Workshop on High-Performance Big Data and Cloud Computing (2019)
              • IEEE CloudCom (2014-2018)
              • CLOUD (2017)
              • International Parallel & Distributed Processing Symposium: IPDPS (2016)
            • Manuscript Reviewer
              • ACM Transactions on Modeling and Performance Evaluation of Computing Systems (2019)
              • Architecting HBase Applications by Kevin O'Dell and Jean-Marc Spaggiari. Publisher: O'Reilly
              • HBase: The Definitive Guide by Lars George. Publisher: O'Reilly
              • IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems
              • IEEE Transactions on Computers
              • IEEE Transactions on Services Computing

          PhD Committee Member
          • Doctoral Dissertation: Towards an Efficient Collaborative Place Recognition Framework by Juan Pablo Muñoz, 
          • City University of New York, Department of Computer Science, September 2017.

            • NYU Dean's Undergraduate Research Fund
            • Grants: Amazon AWS in Education Grants for Big Data analytics courses
            • Cloudera Academic Partnership - CDH Apache Hadooop/Spark distribution for cluster computing

            Fellowship and Scholarship Selection Committees
            • ACM SIGHPC / Intel Computational and Data Science Fellowship
            • ACM SIGHPC Scholarships
            • Anita Borg Institute, Grace Hopper Celebration (GHC) Scholarships
            • ABET Diversity Award Committee


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