Miniworkshop, August 22-24 2018

The main focus of the workshop is stochastic population models on networks. Such models have very recently experienced a surge of interest in mathematics in particular because of their popularity in the sciences. A well known type of models are epidemiological models, but also other models of population dynamics benefit from a spatial component. Here, complex networks can naturally model a wide range of possible interaction geometries. Yet, a general mathematical theory for population models on networks is still in its infancy. By bringing together researchers from various fields such as random graphs/complex networks, random media, interacting particle systems and stochastic population models the aim is to build bridges between the fields and thereby provide a platform for cross-fertilization of ideas. 
Invited Speakers

Jiří Černý (Basel)
Alexander Drewitz (Cologne)
Anna Kraut (Bonn)
Christian Kuehn (Munich)
Christian Mönch (Mannheim/Darmstadt)
Peter Mörters (Cologne)
Cornelia Pokalyuk (Frankfurt)
Anja Sturm (Göttingen)
Pieter Trapman (Stockholm)
Daniel Valesin (Groningen)