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Advanced Audio Production



 Professor Paul Geluso


Catalog description

An examination of multi-track recording techniques and the artistic content found in sound recordings. Topics include Critical Listening, Sound Quality Evaluation, Capturing Musical Performances, Sound Processing, Mixing, Surround Sound and Height Channels.


Course objective

Students will gain knowledge of the aesthetic and technical aspects related to creating and shaping audio recordings. They will develop a method for evaluating the quality of sound recordings. Course content will be presented through lectures and production sessions.


Course outline

Course Overview, Critical Listening (week 1)

Early Innovations in Music Production (week 2)

Multi-Track Music Production Techniques (week 3)

Guest Lecture (week 4)

Sound Recording Analysis I  (week 5)

Sound Recording Analysis II  (week 6)

Guest Lecture (week 7)

Surround Sound Theory (week 8)

Surround Sound Technique in Music Production (week 9)

Surround Sound with the Moving Image (week 10)

Surround Sound With Height Channels (week 11)

Sound Installation (week 12)

Final Project Presentations (week 13-14)


Required Text:

[1] Moylan, W (2002), “ The Art of Recording”, Focal Press

[2] Course Pack from University Readers (not the NYU Bookstore) PDF download only:


Required Readings

1) Millard, The Studio, pp 258 to 312 (week 1)

2) Howard, The Pioneers, pp 1 to 44 (week 2)

3) As reference for your Sound Recording Analysis, reference Moylan, Developing Sound Evaluation Skills, Chapters 5,6,7,8,9,10 pp 85 to 249 (weeks 3-4)

4) Rumsey, Spatial Audio And Psychoacoustics, pp 21 to 49 (week 8)

5) Holman, 5.1 Monitoring, pp 23 to 67 (week 9)

6) Holman, Multi-channel Mixing, pp 107 to 140 (week 10)



Students will be required to attend weekly lectures, production sessions, submit papers, and make mid-term and final presentations to the class.



Class participation 10%

Sound recording analysis  30%

Mid-Term Paper  30%

Final project 30%