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For every event, please consult the MSGA Event Planning Checklist and follow these instructions:

Before the Event: 

Step 1: Fill out the MSGA form (Click here to access the MSGA form). 

Departmental approval is required for all events.

Step 2: Create an event via Orgsync (this is the SPS form).

*It generates an RSVP with the event, which is visible when SPS approves the event (this usually takes up to 2 weeks). In the case that you need to allow students to RSVP and SPS has not yet approved the event, you can also create an RSVP form via google forms.

Step 3: Review the Event Planning Checklist

After the Event: 

Step 3: Submit the Evaluation form via Orgsync, within 2 weeks of the event.

  • After filling this form on Orgsync, click “view form submission” and click “download” on the right hand side of the page.

  • Attach this PDF document and email to

*It is important we receive all evaluation forms, in order to review budget and other information SPS requires us to monitor and to ensure you are reimbursed.

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