MSGA Student Organizations - 2016-2017

  • Student Association for Global Affairs (SAGA)

  • Transnational Security Committee (TSC)

  • The Society of International Business and Development (SIBD)

  • Energy Policy International Club (EPIC)

  • Peacebuilding and Conflict Transformation (PACT)

  • Gender Working Group

  • The Human Rights & International Law League (THRILL)

Student Association for Global Affairs (SAGA)

The Student Association for Global Affairs (SAGA) represents the diverse MSGA student body by actively making connections between the academic pursuits of global affairs and the practical political landscape—through events, networking, career building, communication, cross-cultural understanding, and by providing a space for dialogue and student activism. All students currently enrolled in the MSGA program are members of SAGA and are invited to participate in all events. Officers are annually elected as student representatives by a vote of the student body for service the following year. In addition to planning events, SAGA Officers are accessible to all students for assistance in all matters of the Global Affairs program.

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  • Aishwarya Gupta, President,

  • Ossama Ayesh, Vice President,

  • Alassane Dembele, Secretary,

  • Genesis Hernandez, Treasurer,

  • Margaret Strauss, Graduate Student Council Representative,

Transnational Security Committee (TSC)

The Transnational Security Committee provides a forum for CGA students and wider academia and practitioners to exchange ideas relating to transnational security. The committee publishes a periodical that hosts research and opinion papers related to global security issues. The committee also serves as a link to other global affairs organizations through partnership with CGA clubs and interest committees. It hosts speakers on related topics and provides for networking opportunities. For further information, please contact the executive committee members:

  • Lauren Leung, President,

  • Christopher Doyle, Vice President,

  • Davron Yuldashev, Secretary,

  • Malcolm Jacob Morrell, Treasurer,

The Society of International Business and Development (SIBD)

The Society of International Business and Development (SIBD) is a student-led organization centered around the Private Sector concentration. The mission of SIBD is to build and support relationships among students, alumni and private sector practitioners.  It does so by providing a forum for these groups to promote advocacy and action in developing sustainable solutions to global problems. SIBD engages its members by hosting seminars, panel discussions, skill workshops, and networking events with leading practitioners in an array of private sector fields. For more information about SIBD or to become involved, please contact the executive board at

  • Mohammad Muhsin Ali, Co-President,

  • Binbin (Bruce) Yang, Co- President,

  • Seung Hui (Angelina) Ju, Treasurer/Secretary,

Energy Policy International Club (EPIC)

The Energy Policy International Club (EPIC) was founded to give MSGA students, faculty, and colleagues a forum to discuss energy related impacts on global relations and international policy. In order to enhance dialogue about energy and its global impacts, EPIC promotes and organizes guest speaker series, field trips, as well as alumni/mentor/career development events. For more information about the EPIC club or to find out how to become involved in our events, please contact:

  • Keaton Himsl, President,

  • Karl Beck, Vice President,

  • Nick Reid, Treasurer,

Peacebuilding and Conflict Transformation (PACT)

PACT was founded in autumn of 2008 as a forum for MSGA students to explore and discuss issues relating to conflict resolution in the international arena. During its first year, the group organized several small panel discussions as well as larger events with noted guest speakers, including Zachary Metz, the director of Peace Building at Consensus, and Aldo Civico, the director of Columbia University's Center for International Conflict Resolution. This year, PACT hopes to provide students with the opportunity to discuss issues relating to international conflict and peacemaking and to connect with practitioners from the field.

  • Katerina Siira, President,

  • Sepideh Behzadpour, Vice President,

  • Melissa Salyk-Virk, Events Coordinator,

Perspectives on Global Issues (PGI)

PGI is an online journal founded and edited by MSGA students.  The journal was created in 2006 and published its first edition on "Development Issues" the same year. PGI aims to encourage dialogue and analysis of issues that are critically relevant in the global arena by creating a forum for discussion and debate on a wide range of subjects that affect the community. These include but are not limited to issues of international law, human rights, development, globalization, public health, international finance and trade, security, and the environment.

  • Stevin Azo Michels, Editor In Chief,

Gender Working Group

The goal of the Center for Global Affairs Gender Working Group is to provide MSGA students and faculty with a forum to discuss the dynamic relationship between gender and global affairs.  Our mission is to raise awareness of how gender plays an essential role in today’s current international arena and to mainstream gender issues in the minds of the MSGA community through dialogue and discussion.  The Gender Working Group will reflect an intellectual, thematic and ideological diversity, encompassing all concentrations in our program.

  • Hsin-Hui Hsu, President,

  • Jesus Casado Gonzalez, Vice President,

  • Aliya T. Salim, Communication Officer I,

  • Zoe Mackay, Communication Officer II,

  • Jesus Casado, Event Coordinator,

  • Michaela Vorcheimer, Treasurer,

The Human Rights & International Law League (THRILL)

The Human Rights and International Law League was established to represent and address the needs and interests of students concentrating in or interested in human rights and international law.

  • THRILL is unique in that it focuses on issues and topics that put the needs of the human being first- not the needs of the state, the shareholder, the donor or the recipient, an industry, or even the international community as a whole. As a growing concentration, it should follow suit that human rights and international law students have adequate representation in academia, student affairs, SPS events and external networks. THRILL exists to help bridge this gap in three particular ways:

  • Host events and discussions that fit our academic and career interests and goals;

  • Hold student discussion groups to debate and discuss issues relevant to the field of international law and human rights;

  • Advocate for events and initiatives related to human rights and international law within the MSGA program as a whole.

THRILL is open to any student interested in the topic areas. For more information, please contact the THRILL leadership team:

  • Heather Craig, President,

  • Saarah Monawvil, Vice President,

  • Zoe Mackay, Secretary,

  • Mayara Carvallo, Treasurer,