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All NYU Students use the Albert registration system, accessible via the "Academics" tab on NYU Home, to register for classes. Once logged into Albert, click on "Student Center." In Albert's "Student Center" you can view listings of available classes throughout the university, add/drop/and waitlist classes, and view your schedule with room information.

NYU Home Platform is the online platform created for students at New York University. This full-feature platform incorporates email, course registration and blackboard, student organizations and listserv communication, research and library resources, on campus employment.

To utilize Albert and NYU email you must first activate your NetID and NYUHome service by going to the ITS Start page, clicking Don't know your NetID? and following the online instructions. Then you can activate your NYUHome service by clicking Go to NYUHome!

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Viewing Grades in Albert

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Albert FAQ

Late Program Changes (Add, Drop, Withdrawals)

After the Registrar's deadlines pass, you will not be able to add/drop courses in Albert. The program staff will also be unable to make these changes online. Please be mindful of the registration and refund schedules.

Students must formally submit late program changes, such as late course adds, drops, withdrawals, by email to Please provide a thorough explanation for the late request, and it will be reviewed for approval. The staff will notify you of the decision and, if approved, prepare a program change form. In most cases, the student will need to retrieve the signed form from our office and deliver it in person to the Registrar at 25 W. 4th Street.

A note about Waitlisted Courses:

Some courses are set up with a waitlist that is offered when the course closes. Please keep in mind that if you choose to put your name on the waitlist, it is vital that you understand your responsibilities regarding the following two policies: the flat fee for full time students is based on enrollment for 12-18 points and that your school has established a maximum credit limit which is usually not more than 18 points. If you gain entrance into a waitlisted course, you are responsible for:

  1. Payment of all points generated by enrollment in the course, including points beyond the flat fee range for full-time students.
  2. Adjusting your schedule so the enrollment in the waitlisted course does not take you above the maximum credit load of your school.

You will not be notified if you are enrolled into a course for which you have been previously waitlisted, therefore you should check your schedule frequently. Waitlists are active through the first week of class.

Leave and Withdrawal

Leave of Absence. Students who need or wish to break their attendance for one or more semesters may apply for an official leave of absence through the appropriate school office. A leave of absence maintains a student’s eligibility in a program and allows the student to return under the same degree requirements without having to apply for readmission. A leave does not entitle the student to certification of enrollment for the period of the leave and it is not valid for loan deferments.

Withdrawal from the University. Students wishing to completely withdraw from New York University should follow the policies established by each individual school. In most cases, a student will first speak with their academic advisor to make known their intention of withdrawing. In some cases, an exit interview will be required. Students are encouraged to consult the published guidelines and policies of their school to understand the policy on complete withdrawal.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding ALBERT registration, please contact the Registration Office.