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Cross Registration

As MSGA students, you have access to courses offered by other New York University divisions, including the Stern School of Business and the Wagner School of Public Service. As you are completing your graduate degree, you may wish to supplement your program or pursue a special interest outside of your concentration.

MSGA students are permitted to take courses in other divisions of NYU to fulfill up to two (2) elective requirements. Cross-registration courses count toward your elective credits unless approved in advance by the Academic Chair and your concentration head to count toward your concentration.

To cross-register for a course at NYU, please follow the steps below.

  • Access the Bulletin of the division that offers the course you wish to take and check for information about prerequisites and permission requirements. You can use the Registrar’s office website for a full listing of courses, or search online via Albert. Contact the department in which you would like to study to see if instructor approval is required for cross-registration (this is usually not necessary for Wagner).
  • Fill out the MSGA Cross-Registration Form and email to Write “cross-registration [Semester Year]” in the subject line. MSGA departmental approval is required for cross-registration of courses at most NYU schools. However, MSGA approval is generally not required for cross-registering in Wagner courses. Instead, fill out the Wagner Online Form

Note: Most schools allow their degree students to register first, permitting cross-registration only if space is available.

For a list of NYU schools and their departmental liaisons, see NYU's cross school registration page.