Bolivia (Summer 2018)

Bolivia: A Case Study in Sustainable Development

Location: Bolivia

Faculty: Bill Powers

Travel Dates: Summer 1 – dates TBA

Program Overview: This global field intensive is designed to offer students an unparalleled first-hand introduction to—and access to leading thinkers on—the pressing issues of sustainable development in the South American nation of Bolivia, the country with the highest percentage of indigenous people in the western hemisphere, and also one of the world’s fifteen “megadiverse” countries, per Conservation International. Petroleum, soy, zinc, and other exports have created an economic boom, and Bolivia boasts Latin America’s second fastest GDP growth-rate. But, as the economy and population grow, Bolivia’s Amazon forests are being toppled at an unprecedented rate straining the country’s pioneering 2012 Law of Mother Earth, which positions cultural and environmental preservation above growth. Students will obtain an overview of Bolivia’s complex history, economy, culture, and related dynamics; debate and comprehend various frameworks of international development, actively applying them to the Bolivian context; and develop expertise in a specific issue of their choice. (3-credit course)