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Course #Course TitleCoreRegIR FuturesTransnat. SecurityPrivate SectorPeacebuildingDev. & Humanitarian Assist.Int. Law & Hum. RightsEnergy / EnvironmentalGlobal Gender Stud.Global Field Intensive
GLOB1-GC 1000International Relations in the Post Cold War EraX
GLOB1-GC 1030International Political EconomyX
GLOB1-GC 1040International Law X
GLOB1-GC 3035Analytic Skills for Global AffairsX
GLOB1-GC 3900Graduate Thesis or Capstone Project X
GLOB1-GC 1060From the Mughals to Modernity: India’s Democracy and Its Discontents RegionalX
GLOB1-GC 1100Inside Latin America X
GLOB1-GC 1105Europe in the 21st Century X
GLOB1-GC 1110Inside Africa TodayX
GLOB1-GC 1115Asia Today: An IntroductionX
GLOB1-GC 1125Transformations in Central Asia - A Global Context X
GLOB1-GC 1130Russia and the World X
GLOB1-GC 1135The Mideast: National Security, Politics and Society X
GLOB1-GC 1140Vietnam and ASEAN at the Vortex of Geopolitics and the World Economy in the 21st Century X
GLOB1-GC 1150The Great Game Redux? The Geopolitics of Afghanistan and Central Asia X
GLOB1-GC 1010Peacemaking and Peacebuilding (required for Peacebuilding conc.)XXX
GLOB1-GC 1020Developing Countries in the Global Economy (required for Dev. conc.)XXX
GLOB1-GC 1050Global Civil Society XXXXXXXX
GLOB1-GC 2000Transnational Security (required for Trans. Sec. conc.)XX
GLOB1-GC 2005Conflict Assessment: Theory and Practice XXXX
GLOB1-GC 2010Ethnic Conflicts XXX
GLOB1-GC 2015Critical Analysis for Global Affairs XX
GLOB1-GC 2020International Negotiation: Cases and Lessons XXXX
GLOB1-GC 2025Public Diplomacyx
GLOB1-GC 2030Machinery and Politics of U.S. Foreign Policy Decision Making XX
GLOB1-GC 2035Ethics in International Affairs XXX
GLOB1-GC 2040The Role of the U.S. in World Affairs XX
GLOB1-GC 2045The Future of International Relations: Forces for Change and Alternate Scenarios. (required for IR Futures conc.)XX
GLOB1-GC 2046Strategic Foresight for International Relationsx
GLOB1-GC 2050The Media and Global Affairs X
GLOB1-GC 2055Nuclear Non-Proliferation and Disarmament XX
GLOB1-GC 2060Democratic Transitions: Setbacks and Successes XXXXX
GLOB1-GC 2065Transnational Crime XX
GLOB1-GC 2070Intelligence and Counterintelligence XX
GLOB1-GC 2075Counter-Terrorism and Homeland Security XX
GLOB1-GC 2080Transnational Terrorism XX
GLOB1-GC 2085The United States in the World Economy XX
GLOB1-GC 2090Peacebuilding and Development XXX
GLOB1-GC 2095Global Climate Change XX
GLOB1-GC 2100Political Economy of Development XX
GLOB1-GC 2105Economic Security: Challenges, Prescriptions, and Opportunities in the Post 9/11 Era XXX
GLOB1-GC 2110The Multinational Corporation: Economic, Political, and Managerial PerspectivesX
GLOB1-GC 2115The Use of Force and the "Global War on Terror"XXX
GLOB1-GC 2125Clean Technology: Developments, Trends, and OpportunitiesXXX
GLOB1-GC 2130Corporate Social Responsibility – Global Implications and Future Leadership XXX
GLOB1-GC 2135Networks As Capacities for Peace XXXX
GLOB1-GC 2145Economics for Global Affairs XXX
GLOB1-GC 2151Monitoring and Evaluation for Global AffairsXXXXXXX
GLOB1-GC 2155Post-Conflict Policies for Peace Consolidation: A Case Study ApproachXXXX
GLOB1-GC 2160Global Corporate Ethics, Compliance and Governance:  A Hands-on Approach X
GLOB1-GC 2165Build Your Own NGO: Organizational Development for Global Affairs Professionals XXX
GLOB1-GC 2170International Banking X
GLOB1-GC 2175Politics and Policies of the EU and European IntegrationX
GLOB1-GC 2180The Emerging MarketsX
GLOB1-GC 2190Global Public HealthXX
GLOB1-GC 2195Building DemocraciesXXXX
GLOB1-GC 2200Critical Environmental Issues: Legal and Policy Perspectives XX
GLOB1-GC 2205International JusticeXXX
GLOB1-GC 2215Transitional Justice in Theory and Practice XXXX
GLOB1-GC 2220International Trade Law and Policy XX
GLOB1-GC 2225Law and Policy in International BusinessXX
GLOB1-GC 2226Corruption and Anti-CorruptionXXX
GLOB1-GC 2230Contemporary Issues in World Affairs: A Legal Perspective XX
GLOB1-GC 2235Hard Power: The Uses and Abuses of Military Force XX
GLOB1-GC 2240International Human Rights: Laws, Mechanisms, and Practices (required for International Law and Human Rights conc.)XXX
GLOB1-GC 2245National Security Decision Making Processes: Applied XX
GLOB1-GC 2255Human Security: A New Approach to Today’s Global Challenges XXXX
GLOB1-GC 2260Global Empires: From History to the Future XX
GLOB1-GC 2265Environmental PolicyXXX
GLOB1-GC 2270Key Foreign Policy Challenges Confronting the United States X
GLOB1-GC 2275Mediation Skills for Global Affairs XXX
GLOB1-GC 2285Explaining Civil WarsXXX
GLOB1-GC 2290International Business: The Challenge of Global CompetitionX
GLOB1-GC 2295Fundamentals of Corporate Finance (required for Private Sector conc.)X
GLOB1-GC 2320Refugees and Internally Displaced Persons: Protection and Practice XXXX
GLOB1-GC 2330Issues in Humanitarian Assistance and Intervention XXXXX
GLOB1-GC 2335 Philanthropy's Influence on Global Policy XX
GLOB1-GC 2340Gender in International Affairs: Sex, Power and Politics (required for Global Gender conc.)XXXX
GLOB1-GC 2341Children's Rights: International Norms and StandardsXXX
GLOB1-GC 2342Women and Gender in the Middle East and South AsiaXX
GLOB1-GC 2345The United NationsXX
GLOB1-GC 2350Workshop in Applied PeacebuildingXX
GLOB1-GC 2355Human Trafficking and People SmugglingXXXX
GLOB1-GC 2360Women’s Human Rights in Law and Practice XXX
GLOB1-GC 2365 Structures of Peace: Measurement and Application XX
GLOB1-GC 2375Negotiation and FacilitationXX
GLOB1-GC 2380Joint Research Seminar in PeacebuildingX
GLOB1-GC 2385Gender and Development - Policy and PoliticsXXXXX
GLOB1-GC 2400Introduction to Energy Policy XX
GLOB1-GC 2405Energy, Environment and Resource Security XXX
GLOB1-GC 2410The Geopolitics of Energy XXXX
GLOB1-GC 2415Authoriatianism, Repression and CorruptionXXXXX
GLOB1-GC 2420The Economics and Finance of Energy XX
GLOB1-GC 2425Private Sector PartnershipsXXXXX
GLOB1-GC 2430Energy and the Environment XXX
GLOB1-GC 2390Gender, Politics and the State in DevelopmentXXXXX
GLOB1-GC 2440Sustainable Development XX
GLOB1-GC 2445Global Electricity Markets and PolicyXX
GLOB1-GC 2450International Financial Institutions X
GLOB1-GC 2455Mediation Skills for Global Affairs PracticumXXX
GLOB1-GC 2460Nuclear Energy, the Environment and Proliferation XXX
GLOB1-GC 2470Contentious Politics XXXX
GLOB1-GC 2475Modern Religious Identities: Competition and Conflict on the World’s StageXX
GLOB1-GC 2480Energy DealsXX
GLOB1-GC 2485Environmental FinanceXX
GLOB1-GC 2490Energy Management for Portfolios - Putting Policy Into PracticeXX
GLOB1-GC 2500Advanced Colloquium (International Relations) X
GLOB1-GC 2505Modern DiplomacyXX
GLOB1-GC 2510Cybersecurity (formerly Cybercrime)XXX
GLOB1-GC 2515Applied StatisticsXXXXXXX
GLOB1-GC 2520Advanced Colloquium (Transnational Security) X
GLOB1-GC 2525Water, Politics, Sustainability and OpportunitiesXXX
GLOB1-GC 2530Advanced Colloquium (Private Sector) X
GLOB1-GC 2535Advanced Colloquium (Human Rights & International Law) X
GLOB1-GC 2540Human Rights and the EnvironmentXXX
GLOB1-GC 2545Human Rights Research and AdvocacyXXX
GLOB1-GC 2550Advanced Colloquium (International Development & Humanitarian Assistance) X
GLOB1-GC 2555Advanced Colloquium (Environmental/Energy Policy) X
GLOB1-GC 2560Advanced Colloquium (Peacebuilding) X
GLOB1-GC 2565Advanced Research WorkshopXXXXXXXX
GLOB1-GC 2570Project Management in International DevelopmentXX
GLOB1-GC 2575The Cluster Approach: Humanitarian Aid in PraxisXX
GLOB1-GC 2585Asymmetric Warfare, Insurgency & Counter InsurgencyXXX
GLOB1-GC 2590Waging Non-Violent Conflict: A Practical WorkshopXXX
GLOB1-GC 2595Advanced Joint Research Seminar in PeacebuildingX
GLOB1-GC 3001The Contemporary Chinese Financial SystemXX
GLOB1-GC 3045Children and Youth in Conflict, Peacebuilding and DevelopmentXXXXX
GLOB1-GC 3050Leveraging Foreign Investment for Development in Poor CountriesXXX
GLOB1-GC 3055Security Sector Governance and the Rule of Law: theory, normas and practicesXXX
GLOB1-GC 3060Political RiskXXX
GLOB1-GC 3065A Complete Capital Approach to Impact InvestmentXX
GLOB1-GC 3075Women, Peacemaking and PeacebuildingXXXXXX
GLOB1-GC 2391Masculinities and Global PoliticsXX
GLOB1-GC 2293Global Financial CrimeXX
GLOB1-GC 2514Big Data, Prediction and Global Affairs: How to Use 21st Century ComputingXXXX
GLOB1-GC 2281Hunger and Development: The Poltics of Global Food SecurityXXXXX
GLOB1-GC 2292Entreprenuership in a Globalized WorldXXX
GLOB1-GC 2546Infrastructure Securiry and ResilienceXXXX
GLOB1-GC 2185Chile: Democracy of Institutions and Social Market-Friendly DevelopmentX
GLOB1-GC 2250International Organizations: A focus on GenevaX
GLOB1-GC 2305 The Czech Republic and the New Europe: Media and Democratic Development Field StudyX
GLOB1-GC 2315War Crimes Prosecutions in the Former Yugoslavia: The Pitfalls and Promise of International JusticeX
GLOB1-GC 2325Vietnam/ASEAN Field IntensiveX
GLOB1-GC 2370Prague and Beyond: Security and Transition in Central EuropeX
GLOB1-GC 2435Bolivia: A Case Study in Sustainable DevelopmentX
GLOB1-GC 2465Revolutions in Sustainability: A U.S./German PerspectiveX
GLOB1-GC 2580Movement Building Around Sex TraffickingX
GLOB1-GC 3000China’s Reemergence: The Changing Political, Economic and Social LandscapeX
GLOB1-GC 3005Cuba in the World: an Intercambio X
GLOB1-GC 3010Ghana: A Case Study in Development X
GLOB1-GC 3020South Africa: Challenges of TransformationsX
GLOB1-GC 3025The Arab-Israeli Conflict X
GLOB1-GC 3030Comparative Politics: Historical and Contemporary Examination of Japan and Energy SecurityX
GLOB1-GC 3040The Two Worlds of India: Poverty and the Economic Rise of 'New India' X
GLOB1-GC 3070Moscow: Security, Stress and Stability in the New RussiaX
GLOB1-GC 3080Humanitarian Aid in Complex EmergenciesX
GLOB1-GC 3085Rwanda: A Study of Justice and ReconciliationX
GLOB1-GC 3090Transboundary Conflict Sensitivity & Community Organizations (Costa Rica/Panama - International Friendship Park)X
GLOB1-GC 3915Independent Study
GLOB1-GC 3905Internship (Requires Director’s approval)

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