Hardy, Morgan, and Gisella Kagy. 2018. "Mind The (Profit) Gap: Why Are Female Enterprise Owners Earning Less Than Men?" AEA Papers and Proceedings, 108 : 252-55

Working Papers:

"Are Small Firms Labor Constrained? Experimental Evidence from Ghana"

with Jamie McCasland

(new draft coming soon) (policy note)

"It Takes Two: Experimental Evidence on the Determinants of Technology Diffusion"

with Jamie McCasland

(submitted draft) (policy note)

"Lights Off, Lights On: The Effects of Electricity Shortages on Small Firms"

with Jamie McCasland

(submitted draft)

"It's Getting Crowded in Here: Experimental Evidence of Demand Constraints in The Gender Profit Gap"

with Gisella Kagy

(submitted draft)

Work in Progress:

"Estimating Spillovers Using Imprecisely Measured Networks"

with Wesley Lee and Tyler McCormick

"Theory and Evidence Linking Financial Need and Bargaining Behavior"

with Gisella Kagy and Lena Song

Field Projects:

Hohoe Garment Makers Study in Ghana , dissertation project (w/rotating collaborators)

Returns to Industrial Park Employment for Workers and Their Communities in Ethiopia , with Kevin Croke and Christian Meyer

Returns to Apprenticeship Training in Ghana , with Isaac Mbiti and Jamie McCasland

Women's First Months in Industrial Work in Ethiopia, with Gisella Kagy and Christian Meyer

Business-to-business Information Sharing in Nigeria, with Shelby Grossman and Meredith Startz