I just started a new job as an Assistant Professor of Linguistics at Rutgers University. Before that, I was an Assistant Professor (Juniorprofessorin) of Linguistics at the University of Leipzig. Here is my CV

My main research interests lie in theoretical syntax and morphology, and I often work on topics that focus on how these modules interact with each other. Specific empirical domains that I am interested in include DP structure, argument structure, and complementation. I believe in the value of data from understudied languages, and this is why my work is based on data from fieldwork (though I occasionally also work on Modern Greek,  my native language). Since 2015 I have been doing  fieldwork on the Kipsigis dialect of Kalenjin in Kenya and the US, and since 2021 I have been the PI of a DFG-funded project on grammatical number in Eastern Sudanic languages, through which I recently started fieldwork on another two Kalenjin dialects (Endo-Marakwet and Pokot).