Marjorie Heins teaches
"Censorship in American
Culture" at NYU's Steinhardt School, Department of
Media, Culture, and Communication.
She's a former ACLU lawyer,
director of the Free Expression Policy Project, and author, most recently, of 
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(NYU Press, 2013)
Winner of the 2013 Hugh Hefner First Amendment Award in
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    In the early 1950s, New York City’s teachers and professors became 
    targets of massive investigations into their political beliefs and 
    associations. Those who refused to cooperate in the questioning
    were fired. Some had undoubtedly been communists, but there
    was never evidence that the accused teachers had abused their
    trust. Some were among the most brilliant, popular, and dedicated
    educators in the city.
    Priests of Our Democracy tells of
    the teachers who resisted the
    heresy hunt, those who 
    collaborated, and those whose 
    battles led to landmark Supreme
    Court decisions. It traces the
    political fortunes of academic
    freedom beginning in the late 19th
    century, both on campus and in the 
    Combining political and legal
    history with personal stories, 
    Priests details how the anti-
    communist excesses of the
    1950s inspired the Supreme Court to
    recognize the vital role of academic
    freedom in American democracy.
    The crushing of dissent in the 1950s impoverished political
    discourse in ways that are still being felt, and First Amendment 
    academic freedom, a product of that period, is in peril today. 
    Priests shows why the issue should matter to everyone.
    "A masterpiece of legal journalism."
            - Professor Alan Wald, U.S. Intellectual History Blog