Selected Press

De-Anonymizing Yik Yak:

GPS Spoofing can put Yik Yak in a Flap
The Register, October 2016

"Anonymous" Yik Yak users can be tracked down, say researchers
Naked Security, October 2016

Yik Yak Users Not So Anonymous After All
Campus Technology, October 2016

Breaking the Right to Be Forgotten:

Researchers Uncover a Flaw in Europe’s Tough Privacy Rules

New York Times, June 2016

A Loophole in the Right to Be Forgotten

Columbia Journalism Review, July 2016

Flaws Found In 'Right To Be Forgotten' Data Privacy Laws Information Week, July 2016

Is Anything Ever ‘Forgotten’ Online?

The Conversation. July 2016

Weak Spots in Europe's 'Right to be Forgotten' Data Privacy law

Science Daily, June 2016

NYU Researchers Find Weak Spots in Europe’s “Right to be Forgotten” Data Privacy Law

NYU Newsroom, June 2016

Inferring Babies' Profiles:

Parents Need to Listen to Their Kids When It Comes to Social Media Sharing

Slate, April 2016

Baby Photos on Facebook: To Post or Not to Post?

The Boston Globe, Sep 2015

Kids Put in Danger by Parents' Online Oversharing

Tom's Guide / Yahoo Tech, May 2015

Inferring User Purchases on eBay:

What You Reveal When You Buy on eBay
Consumer Affairs, July 2014

Latest eBay Data Breach Shows Deeper Security Concerns Than Reported 
MotleyFool, July 2014

Forscher entdecken neue Daten-Lücke
Deutschlandfunk, July 2014

Inferring High-School Students' Profiles:

NYU-Poly Researcher Find Weakness in Facebook's Protections for Minors 
Technoverse Blog, December 2012

For Children, a Lie on Facebook Has Consequences, StudyFinds  
The New York Times, November 2012

Facebook Users Have Become More Private:

Facebook Privacy in Demand:Users Don't Want You Prying  
Huffington Post, February 2012

Gabbay, Ross Discuss Trends Among Facebook Users  
Bloomberg, February 2012

More Facebook users are hiding their friends to protect themselves  
Infoworld, February 2012

Location Tracking with Skype:

Skype flaw reveals users' location, file-downloading habits
Macworld, December 2011

Skype Can Expose Your Location, Researchers Say
The New York Times, November 2011

Skype Flaw Exposes Users' Location, Identity 
Futurity, October 2011

Big privacy flaw in Skype  
Marketplace, October 2011

Skype's Huge, New Security Headaches
Fast Company, October 2011 


P2P Security Research:

File-sharing sites are being subverted for web attacks
New Scientist, May 2007