Welcome to the i-Buy NYU Resource Portal! Before you begin using the i-Buy NYU system, please carefully review the i-Buy NYU Introductory Guide followed by the brief Sneak Peek Video. You should also reach out to your Fiscal Officer with any questions about purchasing/procurement policies specific to your school/unit.

i-BUY NYU 101:
  1. i-Buy NYU Introductory Guide:  A high-level overview of all things i-Buy NYU.
  2. Sneak Peek Video: This quick video provides a sneak peek into the i-Buy NYU system and demonstrates how to shop, place orders, approve requisitions and receive goods/services.
  3. Frequently Asked Questions
  4. Glossary of Terms
  5. Roles in i-Buy NYU: Transactions in i-Buy NYU are centered around 4 key roles. New Requestor/Advanced Requestor role requests must be sent by the Fiscal Officer (or their official designee) to askfinancelink@nyu.edu. 
  1. i-Buy NYU Buying and Paying Guide: Crosswalk illustrating how various payment types are handled in i-Buy NYU.
  2. NYU Commodity Code-to-Account Code Mapping: This crosswalk links NYU Account Codes (as part of Chartfields) to i-Buy NYU Commodity Codes. 
  3. Change Order Matrix: This guide illustrates the criteria for when you should request a change order vs. initiate a new order.
  4. Requestor Look-up Tool: Not sure who your Requestor or Advanced Requestor is? This tool provides a list of all Requestors and Advanced Requestors by school/unit.
  5. Decision Guide: P-Card vs. i-Buy NYU Payment Request Form: This guide elaborates as to why the P-Card is the best route to follow for small dollar purchases.
  6. Payment Terms: This helpful guide provides the University's payment terms for payments to suppliers and employee reimbursements.
  7. Bid Waiver Guidelines: The Bid Waiver Form Guidelines assist in clarifying for the University when and how the Bid Waiver Form should be used. 

Now that you've grasped the basics, review the detailed Tip Sheets and Videos on our Training page. Questions? Started by contacting your Fiscal Officer -- if they can't help you, reach out to the AskFinanceLink team (x81111 or askfinancelink@nyu.edu).
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