Mission Statement

Future of Research New York University Postdocs (FOR NYUP) is a NYU postdoc-led organization committed to enhancing and promoting the academic careers and the network of all postdoctoral scholars at all NYU institutions.

A fulfilling and successful academic career is characterized by freedom of speech and opportunity to pursue one’s scientific curiosity uninterrupted, in the spirit of collaborative and transparent research practices.

As FOR NYUP we aim to:

  1. Develop university-wide interaction and communication and generate a sense of community among all NYU postdoctoral scholars.

  2. Promote the research conducted by postdoctoral scholars at NYU.

  3. Encourage sound scientific and research practices among postdoctoral scholars at NYU.

  4. Advocate the contribution of postdoctoral scholars to modern academic science/research.

  5. Raise the general public's awareness of the importance of research/science and researchers/scientists for modern society.

  6. Address any issues related to postdoctoral career development and facilitate professional networking and collaboration to increase the scope of opportunities available to NYU postdoctoral scholars.

  7. Encourage a constructive dialog between NYU postdoctoral scholars and university administrators to improve the policies and environment that affect the success of the postdoc’s academic career.