FOR NYU Postdocs were formed in November 2014 with the goal to organize a symposium that would bring postdoctoral researchers from all NYU departments together, under one roof, to discuss the present and future of research and talk about their work. The 1st NYU Postdocs Interdisciplinary Symposium (PoIntS) took place on May 21st 2015, participating in the nation-wide Future of Research (FOR) symposia. It was a lively day with a great lineup of speakers, wide participation and interesting discussions, during and between the sessions.

This year NYU Postdocs, fueled by the enthusiasm of our postdoc team, are organizing the 2nd NYU PoIntS and expand their ambition with more, smaller events to bring postdocs together throughout the year. Follow our announcement page or follow us on Facebook and twitter for updates about our next event. 

PoIntS 2016

November 14th, 2016,
 Farkas Auditorium, NYU Langone Medical Center

Now Open

Now Closed