Politics, Rights and Development

Politics, Rights, and Development examines the historical contexts and controversies surrounding social action: power and policy, justice and human rights, and economic and social development. Questions are addressed in an interdisciplinary manner that combines political, economic, and cultural analysis to pursue topics in international relations; the many forms of imperialism; law, justice, and human rights; ethics and the conduct of war and peace; challenges of democratization, revolution, and social change; industrialization and globalization; and policies of health and the environment.* This concentration highlights the role of governments, non-governmental organizations, and corporations in the effort to achieve sustainable development and social justice.

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Heidi White, Chair
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Berlin Reichstag Dome

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*PRD students are strongly encouraged to choose Social Foundations III as their Advanced GLS Elective; the course includes 19th- and 20th-century history, politics, and philosophy, and it surveys many developments that continue to have a profound impact on modern societies, such as colonialism, industrialization, free-speech movements, and Marxism.