general guidance

Fair use (17 U.S.C. 107) allows libraries and instructors to make appropriately tailored course-related content available to students via digital networks like Blackboard or NYU Classes. Fair use also has limits; not every course-related use qualifies as fair use.

Fair Use Best Practices:

       For all types copyrighted content, the following best practices help to ensure that fair use is being appropriately applied: 


limit access to enrolled students & others involved in the course (e.g. grad assistants)
                    2.    make content available for an appropriately limited time period, no longer than the duration of the course
                    3.    provide copyright information & appropriate attribution
                    4.    when possible, provide links to content instead of posting copies


                    1.    closely tailor the amount that is used to the educational purpose
                    2.    limited excerpts or clips fall comfortably within fair use
                    3.    before using more than a limited excerpt, or an entire work, evaluate how your use relates to how the content is marketed

Additional Guidance:

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            PDFs & Scans: Posting Copies of Books & Articles

            Streaming Video & Audio