A public science event at the New York Hall of Science
Saturday March 28, 2015
11AM - 5PM

The term “Big Data” is used to describe everything from how social media are used to gather information about consumers, to how data affect political, environmental and economic decision-making, to data that address security and health concerns. Yet what Big Data actually is and how it works remains a mystery to most of us. 

Big Data Fest pulls back the curtain on Big Data You will experience first-hand and hands-on how the most important scientific and technological advancements are made through the use of many different kinds of data - from the pictures you take with your phone to the satellites that hover above the Earth. Activities will be for all ages and will include hands-on projects, citizen science, talks, videos, performances and more.

Big Data Fest is free with admission to the New York Hall of Science (NYSCI) and for attendees of the International Workshop on Complex Networks (CompleNet 2015).

Confirmed Participants include:
MIT Macro Connections: Bringing data to life at MIT Media Lab
Rutgers University COOL Lab: real time ocean data
Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory: human interactions in the environment
Sloan Digital Sky Survey: 3-D maps of the universe
Beacon Institute: Hudson River real-time data
CoCensus Interactive: Queens Data Laboratory
MindRider: Citibike and the many moods of cycling culture in NYC
Welikia: Historical and contemporary NYC ecosystems data
NYSCI Noticing Apps: surprising things you can learn from your own data
Friends in Space: connect with astronauts and make friends around the world
SourceMap: Where does everything come from and how does it get to you?
MakerSpace: Build your own sensors and map your own data streams
Humanexus: How data have with us all along


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New York Hall of Science 47-01 111th Street Corona, NY 11368