Project Code
10 weeks of coding 
The New York Public Library

A FREE program for those who want an introduction to coding. 




Phase I:  HTML & CSS

Week 1: 
Introduction to  Coding  Scripting / HTML Fundamentals
  • Where can you see HTML and CSS.
  • Source Code
  • Basic Tags
Week 3: 
HTML Structure continues 
  • More about Tags
  • Tables
  • Website Structure

 Week 5:
More with CSS   
  • Parents, Children & Siblings in your code. 
  • Selectors
  • Classes and ID's

 Week 7:
Website Layout Principles
  • Web pages dissected
  • Containers
  • Design Concepts 
Week 9:
Collaboration Task
  Week 2:
HTML Structure
  • Formatting your website.
  • Improve your code with style.
  • Level Elements 

Week 4:
Intro to CSS3
  • Syntax
  • Hints & Comments in your code.
  • Properties

  Week 6:

CSS Positioning 
  • Using a Model for your code.
  • Positioning

 Week 8:

Collaboration Task

Week 10:
Collaboration Task



How does Project_<code> work?

Students will attend (2) two-hour sessions a week for 10 weeks. Day and evening classes are available but vary by branch location.  

Each ten week course will culminate with a capstone project where students will collaborate to build a website. 

Project_<code>: Locations

    Project_<code>:   Graduation Ceremony    


Certificates & Achievements

All students who completes the 10 week course along with all task and assignments receive a Project_<code> program certificate. 

During the graduation ceremony, students celebrate their success in the program along with their classmates. A guest speaker will also join the ceremony to celebrate student's hard work.  

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