Project Code
10 weeks of coding 
The New York Public Library

A FREE program for those who want an introduction to coding. 

Session Information 
WINTER 2018 
Orientation - Jan 22nd to Jan 29th 
Classes - Feb 12th to Apr 25th

 SPRING 2018 
Orientation - May 14th to May 21st 
Classes - May 29th to Aug 7th


Winter 2018 sign up CLOSED
Due to the overwhelming response, we are currently not accepting submissions at this time.  

Please check our site in the Spring to see if we have opened up submissions again.

Project_<code>: Student Highlights


Meet Belinda. A Project Code 
alumni who used her coding skills to develop websites for real organizations and create her very own works of art.

Meet Mary-Ellen. A Project Code alumni who upgraded her job's website and received a promotion for her new skills!


Phase I:  HTML & CSS

Week 1: 
Introduction to  Coding  Scripting / HTML Fundamentals
  • Where can you see HTML and CSS.
  • Source Code
  • Basic Tags
Week 3: 
HTML Structure continues 
  • More about Tags
  • Tables
  • Website Structure

 Week 5:
More with CSS   
  • Parents, Children & Siblings in your code. 
  • Selectors
  • Classes and ID's

 Week 7:
Website Layout Principles
  • Web pages dissected
  • Containers
  • Design Concepts 
Week 9:
Collaboration Task
  Week 2:
HTML Structure
  • Formatting your website.
  • Improve your code with style.
  • Level Elements 

Week 4:
Intro to CSS3
  • Syntax
  • Hints & Comments in your code.
  • Properties

  Week 6:

CSS Positioning 
  • Using a Model for your code.
  • Positioning

 Week 8:

Collaboration Task

Week 10:
Collaboration Task



How does Project_<code> work?

Students will attend (2) two-hour sessions a week for 10 weeks. Day and evening classes are available but vary by branch location.  

Each ten week course will culminate with a capstone project where students will collaborate to build a website. 

Project_<code>: Locations

 Project_<code>:   Graduation Ceremony    


Certificates & Achievements

All students who completes the 10 week course along with all task and assignments receive a Project_<code> program certificate. 

During the graduation ceremony, students celebrate their success in the program along with their classmates. A guest speaker will also join the ceremony to celebrate student's hard work.  

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