Photo Geographies

Photographs can be found in most departments throughout the New York Public Library, many of them available online. The Picture Collection has images organized by subject which are available for browsing; the Milstein Division of U.S., Local History and Genealogy has a large collection of photographs of New York architecture arranged by location. Other departments may have collections of photos that relate to their particular subject (Theater, American literature, etc.).

The New York Public Library's Photography Collection comprises more than a half-million photographs by over 7,000 identified photographers, representing every major medium and format from photography's 175 year history (read more about the collection here). Organized primarily by the name of the creator, the collection is an encyclopedic resource for the study of photographic practice, from fine art to vernacular, worldwide. 

From 19th century explorer-photographers documenting unfamiliar lands and cultures, to 21st century artists capturing their immediate surroundings, the specificity of location is a recurring subject throughout the history of photography. Such projects inevitably lend themselves to being organized, accessed, and studied by aid of a map. The following pages are a growing collection of map-based finding aids for photographs in the Photography Collection.

To search for photographs in our text-based catalog, please visit the Prints & Photographs Online Catalog.