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Frequently Asked Questions

What device should I get?

It depends! Check out our buying guide.

Which devices allow for direct downloading of content?

iPad, iPhone, Android, Sony Reader Wi-Fi, Kindle Fire, NOOK Color, NOOK Tablet, NOOK HD.

Which devices do I need a computer to transfer content?

NOOK, NOOK Simple Touch, Kobo, Sony Reader (not Wi-Fi).

How do I get an ebook onto my Kindle?

If you have a wi-fi enabled Kindle, you'll need a computer at your home or the library where you can check out a book under your Amazon account. It will be delivered wirelessly to the Kindle.

If you have a 3G-only Kindle or no wi-fi access at home, you'll need a USB cable to transfer the file to the Kindle's documents folder.

I checked out a book but I don't want it, how can I return?

If you have not downloaded the book to a device, you will not be able to return it immediately. Contact eNYPL Support to remove the item from your account.
iPad: swipe across the title to delete.
Android: tap and hold on the item to delete.
Kindle Fire: tap and hold on the item to delete.
Kindle: Go to amazon.com/manageyourkindle and on the Actions... button next to the title select Return library book.
Nook/Kobo: Connect your reader to your computer. Click on its icon in the left sidebar. Click on the arrow at the top of the item you'd like to return.

How can I see what is available to check out right now?

From ebooks.nypl.org, look in the upper left side to eSearches. Use the drop down menu to select the format of your choice, a subject you are interested in (optional) and make sure to check the box near the bottom of the form, Only Show Titles With Copies Available before clicking the green arrow.