E-Reader Buying Guides

Things to consider:

  • e-Ink or LCD screen?
  • Color or black & white?
  • For Internet and apps or mostly reading text?
  • 3G or Wi-fi?
  • Touch screen or hardware buttons?
  • How important is battery life?
  • What size and weight is comfortable and convenient for you to carry?
Keep in mind that if you have a smartphone (iPhone, iPod Touch, Android) you already have access to many of the e-reading tools on this site.

Tablet Buying Guide by Joshua Soule at Spuyten Duyvil Library

Consumer Reports Buying Guide 2014 available in MasterFILE Premier.
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Other websites with reviews:

From the Electronic Frontier Foundation: "Who's Tracking Your Reading Habits? An E-Book Buyer's Guide to Privacy, 2012 Edition"