Accessible eBooks

  • Look for ebooks in EPUB format. These support text reflow, in other words they do not have fixed page numbers. As you increase the text size the pages will get shorter.
  • OverDrive Accessibility Guide
  • You may be eligible for the LEAP program.
  • You may be eligible for Talking Books.
Consumer products: Read Accessible Technology Coalition: "Accessibility and E-Readers"

iOS Apps

Downloadable DAISY formatted books for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

Learning Ally offers Individual Membership for eligible people with visual impairments or dyslexia who experience difficulty in reading print material.
Requires iOS 3.2


Bureau of Engraving and Printing
EyeNote is a mobile device application to denominate Federal Reserve Notes (U.S. paper currency) as an aid for the blind or visually impaired to increase accessibility.
Requires iOS 4.0

CAP Mobile App

Computer/Electronic Accomodations Program
For Federal employees and wounded service members, but contains information about current assistive technology useful to anyone in the community.
Requires iOS 5.0

Android Apps

Zoom Plus Video Magnifier

Makes text easier to read by zooming in. Also allows you change to the colors and contrast of the text and background.
Requires Android 2.2