About this workshop

Please watch this VIDEO first

This workshop takes place completely online, and will last about 10 days (03/25/2013-04/05/2013). Our goal is to have a conversation on how we can address plagiarism and support our students at NYIT.

Please browse the information on this site.  There is a Discussion Forum section, you can start responding to these as you read the material at any point by sending an email to plagiarism-an-online-workshop@googlegroups.com  and/or respond to others by clicking reply in your email. By default you will receive an email for every new message: see this 2 minute video on how to change your email settings http://screencast.com/t/8dcU9barIv

This workshop will explore the causes of plagiarism and tools and strategies to minimize it. At the end of the two week period we will expand our current knowledge and skills in addressing the issue in a traditional face-to-face, blended and fully online class. At the end of the workshop you will receive a PDF document of the site.

A number of NYIT faculty and staff have contributed to the development of this workshop. Other resources used: Epigeum course on Marking and Giving Feedback and Educause workshop on Plagiarism.

In this workshop, the following resources will be provided:

  • Workshop Orientation - Learn how to navigate successfully in the workshop learning space (video).
  • Engaging Interactions - Interact with other faculty and staff via email. 
  • Interesting Workshop Materials - Review a variety of resources.