About this workshop

Thank your for your interest in an online workshop about Learning Spaces. Please watch this VIDEO first. 

This workshop takes place completely online, and will last about two weeks (3/24/2014-4/4/2014)

Our goal for this workshop workshop is 

- to engage in a reflective discussion with colleagues about learning spaces and 

- reflect on the learning spaces available to our students and discuss ways to maximize student learning.

Please browse the information on this site.  At the end of each section there are questions to consider, please feel free to use those to start a conversation with your colleagues. There is also a Discussion Forum section on the menu on the left that lists questions. You can start responding to these as you read the material at any point by sending an email to learning-spaces@nyit.edu and/or respond to others by clicking reply in your email. An email will be sent to all workshop participants. By default you will receive an email for every new message: see this handout on how to change your email settings http://goo.gl/1EP4Gx

This workshop will explore the various types of spaces: physical, virtual and social that you can make the most of to support student learning. Throughout the workshop we will expand our current knowledge and skills in supporting student learning by taking advantage and being creative with the learning space. 

A number of NYIT faculty and staff have contributed to the development of this workshop. Some of our NYIT faculty will be joining in as ‘resource people’ and discussion facilitators providing their expertise and insight into the issue. Specific topics will include:

  • Physical Spaces: Intentionally Created Spaces
  • Virtual Spaces: Technologically Enhanced, Blended, Fully Online
  • Social (Intellectual and Emotional) Spaces
You can also download one of the three attachments with website materials PDF (for Mac or PC), EPUB (for iPad, iPhone and other ebook readers), KINDLE (MOBI file format).

Other resources used: 

Oblinger, D. (2006). Learning spaces. Boulder, CO: EDUCAUSE.
Journal of Learning Spaces. The University of North Carolina Greensboro Press.
Brinko, K. T., Menges, R. J., & National Center on Postsecondary Teaching, Learning and Assessment. (1997). Practically speaking: A sourcebook for instructional consultants in higher education. Stillwater, Okla: New Forums Press.

In this workshop, the following resources will be provided:

  • Workshop Orientation - Learn how to navigate successfully in the workshop learning space (video).
  • Engaging Interactions - Interact with colleagues. 
  • Interesting Workshop Materials - Review a variety of resources. 
Our goal is to bring faculty together from all our campuses, so we can explore the topic from all the cultural and societal frames of reference that comprise NYIT.
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